You’ve Been Warmed: Hair Care for a Dry Winter

I am most definitely a summer gal. The cold months bring all sorts of unwanted chilling things like ice on the roads and you are permanently walking around with a runny nose. As much as I hate the consequences of winter, I do love winter clothes. Give me a jacket and an oversized sweater and I’m a happy camper. I can never have enough and have way too many long line coats in my closet. 

One of the things I struggle with in the winter is dealing with dry skin and hair. My skin begins to flake and my hair just feels dull. I shared all my favorite Sephora picks for a dry winter in this post here. But I realized I never fully shared all my hair care tips to fighting dry winter air. I have talked about this a few times on my stories, but I got a DM from someone the other day asking me to share my dry hair care tips and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to round up exactly what works for me. 



This is by far my biggest tip and suggestion for trying to get your hair back to that glossy shine. What I love about coconut oil is that is is cheap, lasts forever and has multiple purposes. Did you know you could cook with coconut oil just live olive oil?! Try that for a healthy alternative. 

I apply this to my hair about once a week. You can sleep with it in but only do that if you think your hair really needs it, you don’t want to over moisturize or you risk damaging your hair.  I typically leave mine in for 20-30 minutes and will then shower and shampoo and condition normally. 

Remember not to use too much, less is more when it comes to using coconut oil. I also try to only apply to the ends of my hair. I find better results doing this as closer to my scalp tends to be more oily. 

If you don’t have coconut oil and you would rather try a hair mask, I’ve loved this one in the past. If neither of those things are available to you, try double conditioning just the ends of your hair in the shower for a little extra push! 


Heat is the number one thing that can dry out your hair. If you are blow drying, curling or straightening regularly you can find your hair feeling dull as its not getting that extra moisture from the air. Try to limit how much heat you are putting on your hair and be sure to always use a heat protection spray! 

You can also try to add more moisture into your room by using a humidifier at night. This has been a total game changer for my skin and my hair. You can shop my favorite one here.  


One of the things that has absolutely changed my hair is going longer between washes. I usually only wash my hair once or twice a week and this has allowed my hair to retain a lot of its natural oils. When you wash your hair, you are stripping it from its natural oils that it naturally produces. This is needed in a sense or everyone would be walking around with greasy hair, but washing too often strips your hair of these oils all together. Greasy hair is good for your hair even though its gross. If you are feeling like you need to wash your hair every day, try a dry shampoo to soak up some of the oils to give you a fresher feeling without stripping yourself of all those oils. 



Using a good silk pillowcase can also prevent dry hair! I have been using one for almost two years now and it has made such a difference for my skin and hair. This one is a little pricey but so worth it! 

The reason why silk pillowcases are so great for you is that is creates less friction between you and your pillow. This allows for a smoother, silkier sleep! 


I hope these hair care tips help get you through a dry winter! It is so important to take care of your skin and hair in these dry months especially if you live in a dry climate! Thanks for stopping by! 

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