Your Guide to Holiday Shopping & Why You Should Consider Shopping Early

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Happy Holiday’s? 

It might be October 11th and pumpkins are still very much at the forefront of my mind – but so is Christmas. 

I have been tweaking and perfecting my holiday gift lists for my friends and family and starting to seriously think about buying gifts. Who am I? This coming from the girl last year who did all her shopping two weeks before Christmas. 

If you’re typically like me, there are a few reasons why you should consider shopping early this year. 


Just last week I ordered a blanket from Pottery Barn and it said it won’t get here until November 8th! A month away for a blanket. I know you’ve likely heard about the shipping delays for furniture and big items but now the supply and demand of even household items are experiencing delays. It’s best to try and beat the delays of shipping and get your shopping done early just in case there are delays. 


It’s kind of blowing my mind how we are already seeing stores and suppliers give holiday sales. Usually this doesn’t happen for another month and prior to last year you wouldn’t hear companies start advertising for the holidays until black Friday. A majority of the public is starting their shopping earlier than usual this year so if you want to get your hands on a certain item, I’d consider starting now! 

Speaking of holiday early sales… Target right now is having a 3 day deals day sale. There are marked down items site wide! From electronics, to home and clothing there are so many markdowns happening now and ending tomorrow. 

I’m sharing some of the best of the deal day sales below. 

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Your Guide to the Holiday Storefront 

Note below is an image of the storefront located here and will not be clickable. 

Welcome to the holiday storefront! This is your one stop shop for all things holiday. From hosting to gifts, I’m covering it all here and making the holiday’s just a little bit more organized for you! 

The holiday storefront will have gift guides that are updated frequently with highly requested gifts. I have a few up from last year that I’ll be checking the links for as well as updating them with new items. 

You can also find holiday related content below the gift guides which will include holiday blog posts and YouTube videos. 

The storefront also has Amazon shopping links where you can shop some of my Amazon gift suggestions right off the page. You can also find more holiday related content on my Amazon storefront directly. Shop my storefront here


Days until Christmas 

Do you feel ready for the holidays? 

Check back soon for more holiday content! I am so excited to share all things holiday with you this year. If you have any requests please send me a DM over on Instagram



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