Your Favorite Blog Posts from 2021 & What I Wore the Most This Year

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The most loved, most views and clicked blog posts of 2021 chosen straight by YOU. 

I always love to dig deep into my analytics at the end of a year. I spend hours perusing over my site and finding out what did well, what didn’t and what posts SEO really loved this year.

I think the industry of blogging has evolved so much over the years and having a website still proves to be my most invaluable source of traffic. The truth lies in the analytics and I love looking at what you loved the most! Having a blog website is so important to me because I love long form content and getting to share all the things with you and because of SEO. Some of my most popular posts are from 2019 because they have been around long enough for them to become commonly stumbled upon posts year after year. The internet isn’t going anywhere and lot of people who find my blog find it through a Google search. 

I really wanted to thank you for reading my blog this year. Seriously you have no idea how much it means to me that you are here and reading the things I write and put out there. The last two years I really feel like I’ve come to the direction I want to take my blog in and it’s evolved from so much since starting in fashion. 

So thank you for being here reading and caring what I have to say. None of this would work or be possible without you! Let’s get to the good stuff.

Note: I am not including any of my holiday posts, gift guides, Sephora sales, Amazon Prime day posts or posts that have remained popular and are not from 2021 as those are some of my most popular posts year after year. Thanks SEO 😉 

10. What I’m Tossing During Spring Cleaning & My Golden Rules To Closet Organization

If you remember, I did a whole spring cleaning series on the blog this past spring. I had Reels/Tik Toks on how to simplify your space and how to tackle the big projects (like the closet). I plan to bring it back this year on a smaller scale since I covered it so heavily last year! You can check out this post to refer to all my tips. 


I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed by my closet and drawers recently. Having too much STUFF can quickly become suffocating for me. I love purging and it seems like when I start I seriously can’t stop. It just feels good to get rid of stuff and owning less is quite freeing. I love to be able to see everything I own and really be strategic about what gets to hang in my closet. 

My whole system has kind of broken down the last couple of months and I haven’t been following my golden rules when it comes to keeping up with my closet. I was determined to reorganize the systems I had in place. 

9. My Honest Fashion Pass Review and Why I Canceled My Subscription  

Shop this dress here. Note: I do not own this dress and I rented it but they do sell it and I wanted to give you the details! 

I was really excited to start using Fashion Pass this past spring and after a few weeks I quickly had some issues that led to me canceling my subscription. I have been debating on if I am going to restart my membership in March where I have a few wedding related events. We will see! 


Fashion Pass is a clothing rental company where you can rent high end looks for less. After using Fashion Pass for two full months I decided to cancel my membership.  I have a few pros and a few cons for why I decided to make this decision.

8. How My Home Decor Style Has Evolved & What My Vision is for My New Place 

I was happy to see a few home decor posts made it on the top 10 this year! I really have a passion for home decor and making my space super functional while combining multiple decor styles to make my own. I moved this past April and took you along on how I was looking to combine my decor styles as they evolved. 


I am very slowly starting to move towards a different decor style. While I would love to toss most things and just start over, from a functionality and duh, financial perspective that just doesn’t really make sense! So I’m going to talk about where my decor style is going as well as share photos of how I’ve combined the two in the interim change period. 

7. 24 Hours in Nashville

This was such a fun 24 hour trip with my parents! I was able to meet them at our “halfway” point (I live in Dallas and them on the east coast). It was such a fun weekend and I truly LOVE Nashville! 


My parents really introduced these “24 hour vacations” to me and it’s a great way to experience a city without having to feel like you’ve lost your entire weekend. I wanted to share some details of our trip because I have just truly fallen in love with this city and everything it has to offer!!

6. Best Sellers of 2021 & My Reflections on Self Growth this Past Year

Outfit is from a boutique called Lovely Blush! You can use code STYLEDZEBRA at checkout. 

I was a little surprised this post did so well considering I just posted it last week normally my posts need a few weeks to make it to the top 10 of the year! It got a ton of clicks mostly because I finally opened up about changing my career and how tough it was on me. I really grew a lot this past year and I’m proud of myself for where I’m at. It feels good to be in a spot that is true happiness after having not been if that makes sense. 


This year brought a lot of change for me, I was reading this post from last year just recently and saw all the things that I was “worried” and excited for that have now already happened. I love having my blog for this reason, it’s a like a mini time capsule and diary of mine.

5. What I Bought on Amazon Last Month – March, 2021

I just looked at this post and WOW this was a good haul haha. I need to start doing more of these because another one I did made the top 20 posts of the year. I do a lot of Amazon hauls on my Amazon Storefront you can check out here


We all know by now my Amazon obsession runs DEEP. I pretty much don’t buy something without first checking on Amazon to see if they also carry it. Hey, I am all about that free two day shipping. If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s paying for shipping haha. 

4. What to Wear and Not to Wear to a Wedding When You Don’t Know the Dress Code 

I loved getting to do the Wedding Guest series this year! If you’re not caught up on the Wedding Guest series you can check out last week’s post on wedding gifts here and another post on how to save money as a wedding guest here. I am so glad you enjoyed this series! I have some ideas for a few more this coming year!  


Wedding’s can be so much fun but showing up to a wedding and feeling under or over dressed is never fun. I’m writing this post to give you a guide on all the things you need to know when dressing for a wedding. 

3. What I’ve Bought for My New Apartment

Miller in this pic can you even?! I was so excited to save and buy a few things for my new apartment. It’s taken a few months (lol almost a year) and I’m starting to feel super settled and at home here! I will absolutely be sharing more home content this year! This was requested in the survey and proven in how popular these home posts do every time so be on the lookout! 🙂 


I had to take a big break this last month on buying new things since it was a lot of stuff all at once financially. I’ve been saving up for this apartment for a long time so I was excited to get to finally furnish it. It’s even changed since I took this photo a few weeks ago I now have another accent chair next to this one! 

2. Tips for Raising a Puppy in a City

Yay! I am so glad this post was so beneficial to some of you! I know not everyone has a dog so I try to keep the dog content to a minimum but this post was that catch all I really wish I had before raising a puppy in an apartment! It can add its extra load of challenges but it is so so worth it! I’m glad these tips helped!  


While looking back at the last year and talking to a few friends who have raised their dogs in a backyard, I realized that raising a puppy in a city really is it’s own concept and brings its own set of challenges. I wanted to share a post that really breaks down all my tips for raising a puppy in a city! 

1. The Bach Series: Nashville Bachelorette Guide 

The amount of you who found me by Googling Nashville Bach and stumbling across my post makes my YEAR!! I got to talk to so many of you in my DM’s and help you plan your own trip to the best city! I have a few bachelorette’s coming up this year I’m really looking forward to doing this again because of how much benefit it provides you! Thanks for loving the bach series this year!  


Welcome to the Bach Series! I wanted to find a way to capture the fun bachelorette’s I have coming up for my sweet friends in this next season of life while also being a resource and guide for popular destinations. This review is solely from my experience at this destination as a bachelorette trip and less as a travel guide for a normal trip. I also always want to point out the lovely maid of honor who went into the planning of this trip and I am covering it as an attendee!

What I Wore the Most This Year 

This is everything I couldn’t wash fast enough, wore on repeat, and own in multiple colors! There are a few crossovers between your best sellers but that’s a good thing because it shows how much we loved the same things! Thanks as always for shopping through my links, supporting this page, chatting with me in my DMS, every like, share, comment means the absolute world to me! I can’t wait for all that’s to come this year and to do it all alongside YOU! 



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