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*Note I am linking what I can, but some is from last year. You can shop my bar cart  in this post here

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

I am so excited for the holidays this year. I’m not sure if it is just all 2020 has brought that I am so looking forward to all the joy Christmas brings or something else. Either way, my tree has never been up earlier and I couldn’t be happier about it. I am usually a strictly after Thanksgiving holiday person but this year I am turning over a new leaf and celebrating early! 

I promise to not forget about Thanksgiving haha. All of my content next week is in preparation for Thanksgiving but I thought it was a good time to focus on holiday decorations since there are so many cute things out there that might sell out by after Thanksgiving so I didn’t want to wait! 

I have had my eye on soooo many things. If I had an unlimited budget all of these things would be going home with me haha. It is also hard because I live in an apartment so there is really only so much room I have to decorate. I dream of a gorgeous entryway table I can change out with seasonal decor and such. 

Until that time comes, I will sit here and daydream of all the holiday decorations I found at a great price. I thought I would share them all with you because I know it can be hard to find affordable decor. The biggest challenge I noticed too was sorting through all the cheesy decor online. I did the digging for you so that you can just shop directly through these links.

With COVID still among us, I know some people might be avoiding the stores and instead preferring to shop online. I wanted to share a few tips for shopping on “mass retail” sites. You know them and love them, Amazon, Target, Walmart; wherever it may be there is SO MUCH stuff it can annoying and time consuming to sort through things. 

Tips for Finding Decor at Mass Retailers


This is my biggest and best tip when shopping mass retailers especially if you want to weed out the cheesiness.  Let’s say you really want some metallic glass trees. Search metallic glass tree figurines (try to be as specific as possible). As you begin to scroll, find one item that semi-sorta meets what you are envisioning even if you don’t 100% like it. Then click on that product and begin to start shopping similar products from there. This is what I call going down the rabbit hole because you will begin to stumble upon things that are similar to the item you clicked on initially and it can help narrow down your keywords. 


I have saved so much money this year by simply price matching! This was something I didn’t really do previously but when I accidently did it once I was hooked. I was shopping in store and looking up a different size online when I realized the price online was cheaper than marked in store. I simply showed the image to the cashier and she price matched it! It was that easy it just takes a second of time but it’s so worth it!


Let’s say you found those metallic trees you loved and have been seeing everywhere! Instead of instantly adding to cart, see if one of the other mass retailer’s have the same product or similar at a better price. I’ve been able to do this easily this year especially with popular trend items like those metallic glittery trees. 

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I can’t wait to reveal my tree with you soon! I am going to do a complete post on Christmas Tree decor specifically but I wanted to roundup the best of holiday decor I’ve found so far! Some of my other favorite places I’ve grabbed decor this year are Hobby Lobby and World Market in case you want even MORE! 



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