What Size to Buy in the Agolde Parker Denim Shorts


Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a hoppy Easter with their peeps! The weather was just absolutely gorgeous in Dallas and my best friend Anne was in town with me for the weekend from Houston. It was great taking her around to all my favorite restaurants and getting to catch up on her life as a new teacher in Houston. We went to church in Fort Worth yesterday and ate our entire weight in brunch afterwards. I am still so full from all the food we consumed… everything from strawberry crepes to french toast to donuts in a chocolate fountain. I am hoping to step back into my workout routine this week.

I am sure you have heard all the rage about these jean cutoff shorts that are all over Instagram and Like.to.Know.It. recently. I finally caved and bought a pair because I am so tired of spending $40 on a pair of jean shorts just for them to look like they’ve been through a paper shredder after a summer. The rips get too torn and they start to roll at the hemline, I think it was time to invest in a pair of jean shorts and boy are these an investment.

Denim is something I am happy to invest in because of the quality of good pair of jeans. Agolde is a great brand and I love the fit, feel and stretch of their denim. This past winter, I added a cute pair of Agolde Jeans to my closet (linked here). When I first tried on these jeans I ordered TTS (true to size) and after a few washes and wears found they were stretching out to almost a full size bigger than the original size. I am usually a size 26 in jeans depending on the brand for reference.

When I was purchasing the Agolde Parker Vintage Cut Off Shorts I was tentitative to order a 26 because of how much my full length denim jeans had stretched, I ended up ordering the 25s and the 24s. They both arrived and I originally tried on the 25s and liked the coverage around the front and back area. The shorts were long enough in the back that I would not have to tug on them every time I stood up and I wasn’t giving the world a show when they start to ride up. However, they were huge in the waist. They fell too low on my waistline because they were too loose. I worried when trying on the 24s that I was going to lose that coverage everywhere else that the 25s offered.

The 24s fit much better in the waist and were a little tighter everywhere else, but I was not loosing that coverage they were still long enough in the back. My other concern in deciding which pair to keep, is that once they were washed and worn a few times they would stretch like my other pair of Agolde jeans. I ended up keeping the 24s which is two sizes smaller than my original size. I think with the stretch and fit of Agolde the 24s will eventually become a little looser around the front but at least the waistline will not be oversized like the 25s fit.

All in all, it really depends on how you like your jean shorts to fit. If you want a looser oversized more “mom jeans” look, then I would size one size down in these shorts. If you want a more TTS and a fitted look, then I would order two sizes down.

I really hope this helps! When ordering jean shorts that are as an investment as this, then you should be comfortable with the fit and look of them. Hopefully this allows you to choose a size that is true to the fit you are hoping for and you can wear these shorts for years to come!


This bodysuit I bought from Ester Penn just a few weeks ago and it has already sold out! I have been searching for it everywhere to link for y’all. I found it here at this boutique called Beehive in a cute burgundy color. The brand is called Honey Punch and I found a few available on Poshmark! Hope that helps, I hate to do this to y’all but sometimes things just sell out too fast! 

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