What I’ve Learned About Your 20s at 25

Hey there friend! 

There’s no one else I’d rather celebrate my birthday with than YOU so naturally I had to throw out some life advice 😉 what are girlfriends for! 

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My mom has always said you change so much in your 20s. In your 20s you are faced with a lot of forced growth. Your 20s are the first time in your life you are really forced to “adult.” You likely experienced milestones such as college graduation, first apartment, first job, like I have and maybe you’ve experienced things like engagements or even kids in your 20s. 

The ten years between twenty and thirty are pretty wild as far as change and growth go. I don’t think there is another time in your life where you are forced to make so many decisions that will affect the rest of your life. 

At 25 the brain is fully developed. From the time we are born until 25 our brains are still maturing and growing so rapidly and at 25 they stop. Just done, complete, full capacity of growth reached by 25. It’s pretty crazy to think this year I am a full adult. Still can’t rent a car though, it’s like the rental car companies realized they shouldn’t rent cars to those with underdeveloped brains. 

I honestly feel like I turned 20 yesterday and so much has happened in the last five years. Five years ago I was a junior in college. Now I’m a college graduate living in Dallas and own a dog. Who could have predicted that when I was 20? Ok maybe I haven’t done anything that crazy yet. But it is pretty wild how much can change in five years. 

I guess that’s what I really love the most about birthdays. Being able to reflect on how much you’ve grown and changed throughout the years. 

There are a few things I’ve learned about your 20’s as I’m halfway there to 30. 

Your 20’s go by fast. Like really, really fast. 

Everyone already knows college goes by in a blink. But your 20’s go by just as quick. It sometimes blows my mind that I’ve been out of college for almost three years. When people ask when I graduated I always want to say June, like it was just a few months ago. 

This is the first time in your life you are forced to make life decisions. It’s hard & a little scary. 

My friend has always said this best, your whole life you’ve known what next stage is coming for you even if you weren’t entirely sure of the details. You’re in school and know next year I’ll be in 10th grade. Then you’re in college and know next year you’ll be a junior. When you graduate college and are thrown into the world, it’s the first time in your life where you are forced to make life decisions for yourself that weren’t expected of you. It’s a little intimidating to realize how big the world is and how you have access to all of it. 

Your skin is important. Start taking care of it. 

I never knew the importance of taking care of your skin until after I graduated from college. I really have made an effort to take better care of my skin daily and routinely. You only get one set of skin and as your biggest organ it is exposed to the most dirt and grime. It’s our job to protect it! AND it doesn’t hurt to prevent wrinkles. 

No one actually knows what they’re doing. 

When I was five, I always thought 25 sounded lightyears away. Heck, I probably thought my parents were 25 if you’d asked me then. Don’t think you need to have it all figured out. No one knows what they are doing and everyone is just trying to make it just like you are. 

I talked about this last one in my YouTube video on setting New Year’s resolutions, just because you set goals doesn’t mean they have to happen exactly how you’ve planned. Things change, people change and who you thought you were at 20 is likely far who you’ll be at 25. 

I’m sure I’ll be different (and actually I hope I am) by the time I’m 30. I’m halfway there and fairly certain by then that I won’t have it figured it out either. 

I absolutely love writing these birthday posts and hope to keep it a yearly tradition. Check out my birthday post from last year hereUntil next time friend! Thanks for being here and celebrating me I appreciate YOU! 



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