What I’m Tossing During Spring Cleaning & My Golden Rules to Closet Organization

Hey girl! 

I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed by my closet and drawers recently. Having too much STUFF can quickly become suffocating for me. I love purging and it seems like when I start I seriously can’t stop. It just feels good to get rid of stuff and owning less is quite freeing. I love to be able to see everything I own and really be strategic about what gets to hang in my closet. 

My whole system has kind of broken down the last couple of months and I haven’t been following my golden rules when it comes to keeping up with my closet. I was determined to reorganize the systems I had in place. 

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My Golden Rules to Closet Organization 



This is a big one. I used to always replace my hangers when I ran out and now I am really strategic about my number. I’m not even sure how many it is exactly but once you get a number where your closet looks full it’s time to stop buying hangers and instead focus on keeping a certain number. 

Now anytime I feel like I’m running out of hangers, I’ll get rid of things in my closet to make space. This pretty much happens anytime I buy something. I also do a good job of keeping my winter clothes or summer clothes stored depending on the opposite season so that helps clear up some extra hangers. 



This is a tricky one because I know there are exceptions to this rule. Maybe you technically haven’t worn that formal dress from college in a year but it would make for a great wedding guest dress. That can stay. But tops, sweaters, pants, sweatshirts etc. all fit the bill for the yearly purge rule. If I haven’t worn something in a year, there needs to be a really good reason for me to keep it. 



Some items of clothes you find yourself holding onto because you think they will come back in style. I was cleaning out a friend’s closet recently and she tried to justify soooo many things she hadn’t worn in years to this scenario. Chances are, you are going to need to hold onto something a long time for it to eventually come back into style. AND if I’ve learned anything about trends it’s that when things come back around, they have evolved a bit. So don’t go saving your black velvet choker necklaces and skorts just toss them and buy the evolved new ones when (and if) they come back in style. Can we please forever cancel black chokers?! I never understood this trend haha. 

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What I’m Tossing During Spring Cleaning 

Now that I’ve really explained my golden rules to closet organization, let’s dive into what I’m tossing this year when spring cleaning. Like I said earlier, my closet has gotten really out of hand in the clutter department. I’ve just been really lazy about going through it consistently so it has definitely built up. I’m not only writing this post as advice for you but also a huge reminder for me to follow my own rules. 

The biggest thing I’m focused on this year is tossing things I don’t wear, throwing out things that are too worn or dirty, and purging to replace my basics. 


Oh goodness my shoes, I have a shoe obsession and have quite the collection. I’ve realized recently so many pairs of my shoes I just don’t wear anymore for a few reasons, they are out of style or they are destroyed. Some of my shoes I’ve had since college and are so dirty, ripped and torn they just have got to go. A few of these pairs are hard to part with because I still like them and would wear them but they are just getting to the point where they are really gross and have a black dirty areas on the toes. 

Some of the other pairs I am tossing are just out of style and I haven’t worn them in awhile. Particularly my high wedges and espadrilles. I wore soooo many wedges in college because they were comfy and made me look taller but I truly haven’t touched so many of these in years. I just think they are really out of style right now and for that reason, they’ve got to go. 

Tossing all these shoes has really made me want to start adding some shoes to my collection that are in style for spring and summer. I’m linking just a few I have my eye on below. 

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Oh my basics, my poor unorganized basics. My sock drawer has gotten so badly out of control I don’t think I’ve worn matching socks in WEEKS. I keep holding onto socks thinking the match will magically appear and they just need to all be thrown out and I need to start over. I’ve been putting this off for way too long and it’s just time to start fresh. The same goes for my sleepwear, it’s just time to purge and let go. 

Same goes with underwear. I need to just completely start over in this department and throw out 90% of them. I want to start doing this more consistently. I am so bad about throwing them away and I am done spending a lot of money on cute underwear to just get ruined by my apartment washer and dryer. I’ve been loving these on Amazon and am about to stock up on two more pairs! 

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Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good crop top but I’m talkin’ a tasteful crop. The only way I am ok with crop tops anymore is if my belly button is covered and the crop is a high neck, long sleeve more modest it can’t be super low cut and riske. And to my lovely 17 year old sister yes, I am donating all of these to you so calm your horses before you start demanding I don’t donate them first. 😉 


I have quite a few pairs of patterned shorts and skorts I need to donate. I just feel this is really out of style now and I still am hanging on to quite a few that just really need to go. I will be tossing all of them except my one tried and true lucky suede skort that just holds so much college sentimental value I just can’t part with it. That’s ok! Remember, you are allowed to own things but if you own it there has to be a good reason as to why you are keeping it. Everything within reason! 


Oh boy, I can just see my roommate/bestie Carley rolling her eyes at this. I own an obscene amount of athlesiure. It’s such a problem I gave myself a year hiatus of buying any sort of sports bra, workout tank, leggings or shorts for a FULL YEAR. Might I just add that I DID keep true to this rule but the year has been up for awhile and I’ve since added to my collection and some things just have got to go. Like my neon green athletic top? Toss. My bright purple leggings? Toss. All the bright colorful athletic wear I’ve held onto for years (even if its Athlete or Lululemon) has just gotta go. 


I just own waaay too many swimsuits and some I don’t even wear anymore. Some are also super gross and just need to be thrown away. I am really looking into the bright colors and crazy patterns and just tossing those. Pretty much all my Victoria Secret bathing suits just have got to be tossed. It’s been years since VS sold swim and that’s a sign my bathing suits from there are too old to be worn. 

Ok that about does it for my plans on spring cleaning. I am really ready to start tackling this closet over the next week or so. I plan to work on it in increments over after work at night and on the weekends. I am moving super soon so I’m excited to get this closet tackled before the moving and packing starts!! See you so soon sis! 



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