What I’m Currently Streaming: Feb 2020

I go through such phases with TV, some months I binge watching everything and other months I won’t watch a single show. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with how I prioritize my time or if once I get caught up in a good show I start seeking more shows to binge watch. 

Friends used to be my binge watch show of choice and instead of seeking out new shows to watch I would always turn on Friends. This could very well be what caused me to branch out to new TV shows this month. 

This past month was one of those months where I just watched everything and was always watching a new show. I wanted to round up some of my favorites because I feel like it was a good month for streaming services. 

Cheer Netflix 

This show was one of my favorites shows I’ve watched in a long time! I watched the entire thing in two days and chances are you have heard everyone talking about this show. 

Miss AmericianaNetflix 

This is the new Talor Swift documentary that just came out. I absolutely loved this and loved how it reminds people to be kind. It also features a new song at the end! 

Out DaughteredHulu 

I’m not sure why I love this show as much as I do, but it is so nice to have it on in the background and is one of those shows that is just strangely addicting. It reminds me of Jon and Kate Plus 8 if you remember that show on TLC. 

Broken (Counterfeit Cosmetics Episode) – Netflix 

This is a new 4 episode docuseries and I’ve seen the first episode on counterfeit cosmetics. It was insanely eye opening into the makeup industry and the things we are putting onto our skin and the dangers of buying counterfeit products. 

Justin Bieber: SeasonsYoutube TV 

These are mini docuseries episodes on the making of Justin Bieber’s new album. I have always been a big Bieber fan and have seen him a few times in concert. I really liked this series because it offers insight into his song making process and the effort that goes into making each song is really inspiring! 

Long Shot Netflix 

Clearly I was very into the documentaries this month… this movie true crime and features an innocent man framed for a murder he did not commit when his lawyer is determined to find him on camera at the Dodgers game he was attending that night in a stadium with 400,000 people. 

Dirty JohnNetflix 

I have only seen a few episodes of this but it is so suspenseful and I am on the edge of my seat every time I watch! This is about a wife and her daughters in California who marries a man she’s just met. Also a true crime and based on a true story. I am also listening to the podcast. 

9-1-1 Lone Star – Hulu 

This is a spin off to the original series and I love the high suspense. It reminds me a lot of the style of Grey’s Anatomy where there is a trauma the episode is centered behind but there are also longer storylines that carry throughout each episode. 

That’s all I streamed in the month of January! Do y’all want more of these?! I always love hearing what people are streaming. Let me know what you’ve been watching in the comments!! 

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