What I Learned from 30 Days of Peloton & If I’m Going to Purchase a Bike

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I’ve been a Peloton fan for awhile and I challenged myself this past January to commit to 30 days of Peloton. This wasn’t a fitness challenge or a way to workout more. It was a challenge for me to spend 30 days focusing on wellness and taking time for myself. 

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Today I completed one of my goals I set for myself for the New Year, 30 days of Peloton! I like to look at New Year’s Resolutions in short term actionable goals. 30 days is a good starting point and now I feel like I’ve already started 2022 by accomplishing something I really wanted to do! 


If you didn’t know, Peloton has an app you can purchase for $12.99 a month and have access to all their classes which include classes on the bike, strength, HITT cardio, core, yoga, meditation and running audio classes. I’ve been a Peloton app user since January 2021 and I’ve always really wanted to do 30 days of Peloton. 


I set only one rule around this challenge was 30 days of consistent Peloton app use. I didn’t think it was realistic to do 30 days of Pelton workouts because I usually only workout a maximum of five days a week. This wasn’t a challenge about working out more. It was a challenge I made for myself to spend time everyday centered in wellness for myself. Some days that meant a run or strength class and other days it was a 5 minute yoga or stretching class. I just wanted to take time everyday to focus on myself and do something for myself related to wellness. 

I also did this challenge because I’ve been thinking about buying my own Peloton bike. Currently, I live in an apartment that has Peloton bikes I am able to use! So I can log into my account on the bikes in the apartment gym and access the classes on the bike. I usually only take one to two bike classes a week and this is primarily because I view the bike as a cardio day and I only do a certain number of days of cardio per week. 


I realized one thing very quickly: I don’t prefer or favor bike workouts. This was kind of news to me because the whole reason I felt likeI was paying the app membership every month was to be able to access the bike classes. I love the bike classes. They are like mini therapy sessions. If you’ve ever taken a Peloton workout you just fall in love with the motivational instructors and their sayings that make you laugh and sometimes cry. 

I learned through 30 days of Peloton that I actually really like the HITT cardio classes the best followed by strength classes. I felt the most sore, most accomplished and my physical strongest self after these types of classes. I really like the guided instructor style and learned I can really target certain areas and have diversity in the types of conditioning and I liked the variety. 

I also learned how easy it was to incorporate time for myself everyday and how that affected my overall mental state. It was so easy to add a 5 minute core workout or stretch onto days I felt super sore or fall asleep to a 5 minute sleep meditation. I found myself using the app more and more after finding ways to easily incorporate it into my day. I was doing 2-3 short quick classes a day on days I didn’t complete a full workout. 

I noticed myself overall happier and at peace with my physical and mental self. I was grounded in myself more with the consistency the 30 days provided. I was making time for myself every single day and I loved that! It wasn’t about the workout, it was about the mental clarity the consistency provided me. 

So, am I buying a Peloton bike?

The answer: not yet. I do think it would be a good milestone to reach to buy the bike someday. Especially if I end up moving and switching apartments one day. The things that halt me a little bit when it comes to buying the bike are the cost. The cost of the bike itself is about $1,000-$1250 if I can find a used one on Facebook Marketplace. That’s a lot of money! I’ve been saving for a bike but after 30 days I realized how little I bike. 

I think that would obviously increase at first if I had the bike and I would find myself using it more. But I have a lot of friends who have bikes and what started out as a consistent part of their routine overtime the thrill of the constant biking faded. I do worry of myself getting tired of it and this month proved I don’t use it nearly as much as I thought I did. 

I also learned a fun little fact this month that REALLY put a damper on the whole bike purchasing event. I currently pay $12.99 for the bike. I thought that if I bought the nice $1,000 bike I would continue to pay the app membership for $12.99 to use the bike. NOPE! If you own a bike you now are required to pay $39 a month to have the same features the app has even after the investment of buying a bike. It’s ridiculous that you have to pay more to own a bike. 

I did some research and found that Peloton started offering the app membership price during quarantine and it was appealing to people who didn’t have a bike and were forced to workout from home. They never switched the bike membership down to the same price but there has been pushback on it from people online about how the price should be the same. 

I do think I’ll eventually purchase a bike someday but for now while I have an apartment that is paying that $39 a month fee for me and I can continue to use it paying $12.99 I’ll stick with that. I also really like the classes that aren’t bike classes a lot more than the bike! 

I know not everyone uses Peloton but if you were ever on the fence about buying a bike or had an interest in using the app, I hope this helps! You can get the app free for 60 days through this link here.
*This is not sponsored and all opinions (as always) are my own! 



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