What I Bought on Amazon Last Month, May 2021

Hey sis! 

I know what you’re thinking… Zoe didn’t you just recently write an Amazon haul post? Why yes, yes I did. But see my problem is that my entire life literally comes from Amazon. It’s a problem. The 2 day shipping man it gets me. So it’s time for another haul and it’s probably past time I remove my card information from my Amazon account to force me to stop giving them all my money. 

This haul consists of a lot of home stuff since I just recently moved! Find out why on YouTube here.

First, I’ll talk about this outfit I’m wearing. This top is SO good. I bought it one color and immediately ordered another. I love the fit for everyday and it’s the perfect length. It’s not too long or too short. I love wearing it with high waisted shorts (shown above) or with leggings! I will say it is not a workout top, it’s ribbed so I don’t think it would wick sweat well. 

My best seller last month AND we all contributed to putting these on backorder. They are back in stock and released a few new colors. I grabbed these brown ones I was torn between this and black ones but I thought the brown was kind of fun and different! I love the pockets on these they actually hold my phone and keys. The length is perfect ugh I could go on and on about these shorts. Just give them a try! Wearing true to size! 

I’m excited to finally try this stain remover. I ordered it awhile back and it still hasn’t come in yet. It’s been on backorder but scheduled to ship next week. I have serious stain problems especially because I love to wear white so much with a spray tan. I really need a stain remover that’s going to work even for stains that have already set because let’s be honest I’m not rushing off to get them out. 

When I moved recently, I didn’t have any big bowls for soup, cereal etc. I searched forever for some that would replace the one’s similar to my roommates. I found these and they were the biggest I could find. I really wanted microwave safe and these can even go in the oven if needed! They stack so cute I have them on open shelving in my kitchen and love the look of them. 

My new place doesn’t have any carpet so I moved the rug that used to be in the living room to my bedroom and was quickly in search of a new rug. Rugs are SO expensive and so I knew with the dog and this not being my forever home I did not want to spend a fortune on one. I found this one on Amazon and I’m so happy with it! I got the 7’6 by 9’6 size and I’m in love, it’s the best size for my living space and I couldn’t be happier with the quality. I don’t think it even needs a rug pad under it. It’s great! 

I got this rug from the kitchen. It’s the same brand as above. I actually got this one first to see if I would like the quality and it passed all my expectations. I love the colors in this one and I have a few terracotta pieces in my kitchen so I love that this brings out the orange tones. 

Ok wow proud of myself that was way less than I thought! I bought so much stuff at Target this past month for the house that I should really be doing a Target haul haha. I’ll share that soon! Thanks for being here and hope you loved my Amazon picks this month. 

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