What I Bought on Amazon Last Month, March 2021

Hey girlfriend! 

We all know by now my Amazon obsession runs DEEP. I pretty much don’t buy something without first checking on Amazon to see if they also carry it. Hey, I am all about that free two day shipping. If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s paying for shipping haha. 

Shop My Amazon Outfit 

First, I’ll talk about this cute little set I got on Amazon not last month but a few months ago. I love the way this first. It’s so snug and cute! It’s under $30 and comes in a couple of other colors. I love how cropped it is. The sleeves also aren’t too long which I really appreciate. 

What I Bought: Clothing & Accessories 

Amazon is truly one of my favorite spots to buy clothes. Specifically athletic wear I just can’t justify spending an arm and a leg on Lululemon anymore (don’t get me wrong, I love me some Lulu but for the price this is easily comparable). 


I’ve really been needing a fun pair of casual sneakers. I actually found these on Nordstrom Rack but they didn’t have free shipping unless you spent $80 which I was not about to do. I found them on Amazon for the same price and ordered them and they came the next day. WIN! I will say you’ll need to break them in first. I got blisters the first time I wore them but now they are SOOO comfortable so give them a chance! It will be worth it. 


My roommate and bestie just bought these sunnies but the Ray Ban version. I really don’t trust myself with a ton of sunglasses so when I saw these on my “suggested for you” on Amazon I knew I had to have them. They really are SO similar. I think I shared these on my stories and they are identical. I’m glad I’ll be able to wear these at the lake this summer and not have to worry about loosing them. 


I saw this top and knew I needed it. I love a good one shoulder top. For the price point I added this so impulsively haha but I’m really happy with it and it truly is so cute on. 


Ok, so I didn’t technically buy these in March but they were a best seller in March and I bought them February 27th so close enough. I have worn these non stop. If you just glance at my Instagram feed you’ll see them multiple times. I have seriously lived in them. I think these shorts are going to be so trendy this summer and they couldn’t be more comfortable. They’ve been on backorder but now they’re back so snag them while they are still in stock! 


My girlfriend Chelsea (with @dashofhealthyeats) was carrying this bag and I knew I had to have it. It is so cute in person and is so buttery soft. It has a strong magnetic closure which I love and it holds so much. Comes in a few other colors too! 


The panties everyone went crazy over when I shared them last week. These are the best. They are seamless so they won’t show under your seamless leggings and are so comfortable. You need these and you didn’t even know it. 

What I Bought: House & Home 

I love finding good home finds on Amazon. I’ve been stocking up on so much recently because I am moving next month. I go into more detail about why and what I’m looking for in a new apartment in my YouTube video from last week I’ll link here


I’ve talked about my favorite down alternative pillows before but I love these true down pillows too. I like to mix and match. I got this one for a new pillow case Pierce got me for I think Valentine’s day? It’s on my couch now and so cute. I always have to have pillows that do the karate chop hahaha.


I absolutely love my Nespresso. You can check out my Reel I posted last week on Instagram with how I make an at home brown sugar oat milk latte here. I love using the small single shot Nespresso pods mixed with lots of milk to create a latte. But sometimes you just need two shots! I am trying these out and I actually ordered these a few weeks ago and they were backordered but I wasn’t in a rush to get them so I still haven’t gotten them yet! I’ll let you know how they taste when I do get them! 


As you can imagine with a sweet pup, my floors are always a disaster. I was excited to get this spray mop because we FLY through those Swiffer pads and I just feel like it is so wasteful. I was excited to get this mop in the mail and it did not disappoint! It is so easy to just throw the old pads in the wash and reuse. You need this! 

What I Bought: Pup Stuff for Sweet Mills 

Because she is so spoiled, of course some of my Amazon purchases every month are for this gal right here. I also love ordering her food and a few toys from Chewy. But I only do one order a month so sometimes I also end up ordering things from Amazon too! 


Classic, I might as well set these up for auto ship.  I swear someone pushes them off the ledge of our balcony because they all seem to magically disappear. But girlfriend loves her tennis balls and it’s easy to keep her entertained with them. 


I was naturally so excited about this one. We are pretty much on the go every single weekend staying at friend’s houses and traveling. I have Miller’s overnight bag permanently packed because we move around so much but for her food I’ve been using plastic Tupperware to store it. The lid on one of the Tupperware’s finally cracked and it was a huge mess and it would only hold one night’s worth of food. We really needed something that was bigger for longer weekend trips. I was so thrilled to find this for the price point! 


I got this for Pierce’s parents house. We spend quite a bit of time over there visiting them and their backyard is not fenced in. We had an incident a few months ago where Miller ran into the street and almost got hit by a car. It was awful and we are always out there watching her but she LOVES to be outside. I got this to let her spend some more time outside, obviously supervised from inside and never for extended periods of time but she loves being out there so this was a win for my dog mama heart. 


I originally got these because they were so cheap but when I realized they had a squeaker in them I was not thrilled for how much she loves to play with tennis balls on my conference calls. I grabbed the pack above because you can never have too many! 

That is pretty much everything I bought on Amazon last month! I just flipped through all my purchases and the only things I didn’t share are a baby shower gift and a food bank donation I sent directly to the center. You’ve just had a peak into my entire Amazon cart and I hope you found some things that sound like good finds for you too! I hope to do this more regularly. I plan to switch this up between YouTube and the blog depending on the items each month. 

You can check out even more of my favorite finds as well as things from month’s past on my Amazon page I’ll link for you here



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