We’re Engaged! How He Asked, If I Was Surprised + We Set a Date!

We are engaged!!

I am so excited to be sharing this with you! I cannot believe I get to spend the rest of my life with Pierce by my side! I am so grateful and have to walk you through the amazing day that was our proposal! 

The Preface 

To preface this whole proposal, you have to understand how Pierce and I met and the people who are involved in this love story. 

Pierce and I met my senior year at TCU. I was living with my best friend Carley and two other girls and we moved into the house right next door to Pierce and his roommates. We met in May of 2017 in his front yard and our two houses became fast friends and were quickly inseparable. 

Pierce and I were best friends and always had a little something extra going on that everyone could see but us. We didn’t start dating until April 2019. 

The Proposal 

April 2nd, 2022

My parents were flying into town the Saturday of April 2nd because my sister plays for the TCU club lacrosse team and they had a game on the 3rd. Pierce, my sister and I drove and picked my parents up from the airport and brought them back to their hotel in the Stockyard’s. My dad says he is going to go to the pool and we were going to run back to my house and grab our swimsuits. 

We get back to my house, and Pierce showers and puts his swimsuit on. I am helping my sister pick out a swimsuit of mine so we don’t have to go back to her dorm and grab hers. Then, I hear the front door close and Pierce’s truck start and drive away. I look outside and ask my sister “did Pierce just leave?!” and she stares at me eating chips. 

I call Pierce because I’m confused thinking maybe he ran up to the gas station to grab beer? He left without saying anyhting haha. He declines my call and texts me saying ‘Zoe, please be patient I have a surprise for you.’ 

Now I’m freaking out because I have a feeling I know what the surprise is but unsure how this is all going to play out. I text my best friend Carley ‘Pierce is acting super weird, I might be getting engaged today, unsure. Stand by for my FaceTime.’ 

She reads the text immediately and doesn’t respond. Little did I know, she was part of the plan and was supposed to be FaceTiming ME ten minutes later.  

Ten minutes later, Carley FaceTime’s me and begins reading me a letter from Pierce. She’s crying and I start bawling. Carley is my best friend who lived in the house with me next door to Pierce. She was in New Orleans for a wedding and read this letter to me, 


It’s surreal to say that this is the day. The day we’ve been ready for a long time. I understand you were probably hoping for this sooner, but you know how I liked to build up the anticipation! 

Writing this letter has taken me through so many memories we have shared together over the years and makes me reflect on how I truly fell in love with you. Your constant support, unconditional love, and confidence you have in me, steers me in the direction of the man I long to always be for you.

Being excited is an understatement when I think about how I get to spend the rest of my life as your husband. I truly can’t wait to start our lives together. 

Forever yours, 


The letter said I had forty minutes to get ready and luckily I had picked out an outfit ahead of time and was ready to go see Pierce! Little did I know I had a few more stops down memory lane. 

The next letter was given to me in the exact spot that Pierce and I met. This is the house he lived in where I lived next door!

My sister drove me over here and I had the strongest feeling that Pierce was going to be HERE! But I was shocked to see Tanner a guy who lived in the house sitting on a lawn chair in the front lawn. It was total de ju vu and he handed me this letter from Pierce. 

Cue constant uncontrollable tears at this point. 

We get back in the car and drive to Joe T’s where our friend Wyly is waiting for me with this letter. He was standing in the crowded area with a margarita which was much needed for my nerves at this point! The anticipation was killing me. I was so excited to just see Pierce. 

After Joe T’s and Wyly’s letter we get back in the car and drive to Hotel Drove and standing at the valet is our best friend Evan who also lived in the house next door. I lost it when I saw Evan because he drove up for Houston to be here for us! He is like a brother to me. He got me out of the car and walked me down to Pierce. He was getting me so excited for the moment and telling stories of how far we’ve come since those days at Rogers the house we met. 

Standing there as calm as day so handsome and just at peace looking so sure was Pierce. I had to walk down this long hill with Evan and was an emotional mess. 
He proposed, I had no idea what Pierce said at that point. I could barley see him I was crying so hard. We turned around to all our friends and family watching it was so sweet and special! 

Was I Surprised? 

I had the biggest feeling I was getting engaged that weekend because Pierce and I talked about how we wanted both our parents to be there for the engagement. With my family being far away, I could never imagine having to tell them on FaceTime. Because of that I had my suspicions. 

Pierce knew I was always going to find out. I am really hard to surprise. He came to the realization that I was going to know the day it happened but I was never going to know how it was going to happen. Enter the proposal idea. 

I never expected he would do something so sentimental to both of us and include all our friends. It was the most special surprise. I was constantly thrown off my feet throughout the whole day too. I had no idea there were going to be multiple stops or where we would end up. It was all so special! 

What We’ve Planned so Far

So we have a date! April 29th, 2023. We actually started looking at venues before we were engaged. We knew we wanted to get married in April of next year and with all the brides still having postponed weddings from 2020, we wanted to stay on top of it. The market is just insane right now. 

When we reached out in early March, there were only a few April dates left. We originally wanted April 22nd and actually engaged our venue with a contract for April 9th and when we got engaged a friend told me that was Easter weekend. We thought about still doing it, but I just really didn’t want to have to deal with having a wedding on a holiday. So we asked for other dates and all that was left at that point was April 1st (April Fools Day was worse to me than Easter) and that’s how we landed on the 29th! 

We are so beyond excited! The planning process has already begun. We have our wedding party picked out and I’ve started looking for how I am going to ask my bridesmaids!

We finalized the guest list and rehearsal dinner guest list this week. We actually today secured the rehearsal dinner venue which was stressful because what we originally thought we wanted was booked but luckily this venue has other locations. We toured it and I honestly love it more than the original idea. It’s crazy how some things work out! 

I think that’s about it for what we have planned. There is still a lot to do and I can’t wait to take you along for all of it! 

I talked about on my stories this week how I want you to be part of all of it! You’ll know all the details and I can’t wait to share everything with you! I’m hoping to do one sort of wedding related post every Wednesday so be on the lookout for future #WeddingWednesday posts! 


   Future Bride Zoe

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