Ultimate Hostess Thanksgiving Sides, Drinks and Desserts to Wow Your Guests

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Thanksgiving food is the best kind of food and why we only get to enjoy some of these specialties once a year is beyond me. Here’s a petition to enjoy marshmallow sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie year round! Thanksgiving in my house is always different from what I feel like is the traditional American family Thanksgiving.

My family is pretty small and just my immediate family spends Thanksgiving together because all my grandparents have passed. As we’ve grown older, it’s been nice to celebrate with just immediate family! My family also does not eat at noon like most families. We eat around 7 which is early dinner time for us. We typically eat at 8:30-10PM sometimes in the heart of summer. My mom always jokes we eat on European time. 

I wanted to share some of my favorite holiday classics in addition to some fun cocktails and appetizers to help you host the ultimate Thanksgiving this year. 

Ultimate Thanksgiving Sips + Bites 

Glazed Carrots 

This has been a staple in my household for years and my mom used to make these for us when we were kids. Whoever paired butter, brown sugar and carrots together is a genius. I make these for a lot of my friendsgiving because all you really need to buy is baby carrots and you should have most everything else on hand! 

+ 1-2 bags Baby Carrots 

+ 1/4 Cup Butter (Kerrygold is my fave) 

+ 1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar 

+ Dash of Honey 

+ Dash of Soy Sauce 

+ Dried or fresh Dill, Rosemary, Parsley (they all work pick one) 

Directions: Bring 1 and 1/2 cups of water to a boil with the carrots until tender about 7-8 minutes. Drain the excess water and combine butter, brown sugar, honey and soy sauce. Heat for 1-2 minutes and serve with herbs! 

Baked Haricots Verts with Fried Shallots

Another classic from my mom this has been a staple in our house for years and so much better than the original! Who needs canned green beans and mushroom soup when you can make it all from scratch in the same amount of time! I will give a few tips, you don’t need 7 cups of mushrooms I used four cups! Buy more shallots than called for these are like candy and the best part of this dish! I’d buy 7 shallots vs 3. You can also make gluten free by subbing GF flour! 

Whipped Goat Cheese with Warm Candied Bacon and Dates

Goat cheese might just be one of my very favorite foods. This dip looks so good as a tasty appetizer. My mom and I got this same email from our favorite food blogger Half Baked Harvest and sent it to each other saying we needed to make this for Thanksgiving. It looks so easy to pull together and the bacon is an excellent touch! 

Apple Cider Cocktail

Apple cider just screams fall and Thanksgiving to me. My friend made an amazing apple cider cocktail recently and it is just warmed cider with a splash of fire ball. Sounds crazy, but the cinnamon and the cider pair perfectly! This one also looks easy and is a basic cocktail with a splash of apple cider. Linking the drink from the photo below. 

Pastry Wrapped Cranberry Baked Brie

The perfect holiday appetizer! These could also be made into mini pastries too if you wanted. I love baked brie and the paring with cranberry just sounds perfect! 

Spicy Pomegranate Ginger Paloma

Another Half Baked Harvest recipe, if you can’t tell my mom and I are big fans. I love a good paloma and when you pair spicy and tequila together I’m your girl! The red drink and green garnish make it the perfect festive holiday or Thanksgiving cocktail! 

Pecan Pie Bites 

I am not a baker. I love to cook but baking is too much of an extreme science for me and my pies always seem to cave in. I love the idea of little bites instead of a full pie! 

Jalapeno Corn Bread Casserole  

A friend of mine made something similar to this at a friendsgiving recently and it was amazing! I love how it is more tender than a traditional dry cornbread. It has great flavor and I love the kick of spice! 

Easy Cranberry Brie Bites

My mom and I made these as an app I think two years ago maybe. They were super yummy and easy to prep ahead of time. They have a great flavor and couldn’t be easier! 

Roasted Garlic Sage Pesto Pumpkin Soup with Spicy Fried Pumpkin Seeds

How cute is this?! And what a great way to use up mini pumpkins lying around the house befoe the holidays. I love pumpkin soup and think it is so yummy this time of year! I love how this also has a hint of spice to it. 

Roasted Garlic Sage Pesto Pumpkin Soup with Spicy Fried Pumpkin Seeds

One more for the people in the back who still can’t bake! These look so easy and I love that they have the same taste as a pie. They are like mini pies! This looks like something even I could pull together and that I am here for! 

Ultimate Thanksgiving Hostess

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I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving! I love this time of year and can’t wait to fly home and see my family and enjoy all the laughs over good food and good company. Until next time! 



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