TRAVEL: Phuket Cooking School

Hello from Thailand!

I am spending the next 10 days in Thailand with my parents and younger sister and couldn’t be more excited to be here. We are currently in Phuket and it is incredibly beautiful. Our room has the most scenic views and we have been spending our days swimming in our plunge pool with amazing views. 

Today, we took a Thai cooking school class. My entire family loves to cook and it is something we all enjoy doing together. Family dinner is a big deal in our house and we always make time to sit and share a meal together. My parents have taken cooking classes all over the world and every year for their anniversary go away and usually end up taking a cooking class. This was my first cooking class abroad and it was fun for my sister and I to be able to join them in something they are so passionate about doing together. 

The cooking school we attended is Blue Elephant Cooking School and they have them all over the world. We started the morning walking to the local market which is open from midnight to 10 am. The fishing is done primarily in the afternoon so this allows the restaurant owners and local shopkeepers to get ahold of the best meat possible. 

The market was full of different kinds of fruits and vegetables some familiar some completely foreign. We tried these eggplants that looked more like peas they are called Thai eggplant and used a lot in cooking. 

We also got to meet this local man selling pineapples for only 30 cents. We learned a lot about pineapples and how they take 11 months to a year and a half to grow in Thailand. There is also an art to cutting the tops and even with the decorative tops, the fruit is still only 30 cents. 

This street vendor also taught us how to make these traditional flowers. The flowers originally look more like bulbs and when slowly opened and folded the center is revealed. These flowers are typically used in memorials as  a sign of respect and can also float in water. 

Once we got back to the cooking school we made multiple dishes including green chicken curry, thai prawn and chicken dumplings, mango salad and sweet and sour white snapper. It was so fun learning about all the different Thai techniques and I hope I am able to recreate some of the pieces.

It was such a great day and we all learned so much. Once we got back we still had half the day to spend lazily around the pool and enjoying the view! 

This outfit is entirely from Amazon and was perfect for the activities of today. I love how this jumpsuit ties at the shoulder. I actually think it is supposed to be worn the opposite way but the front was waaayyy to low so I flipped it backwards to be higher in the front and it still fits perfectly! I have been loving the straw bags and am so happy I finally got one. My hair twilly is also from Amazon and comes in a set of three! 


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