Summer Work to Happy Hour Shoe

Helloooo Tuesday!

Summer is by far my favorite season and I just love how late it stays light outside. Even in Texas where it can get up into roaringly high temperatures during the day, there is something about the extra daylight that makes me feel I am sneaking in an extra few hours into my day. The light makes me more productive and lets me spend more time with my friends after work; especially over drinks with a good happy hour.

The summer months have me running around non-stop and sometimes have me dreading reaching for my heels every morning for work. Sore feet are no fun and I can only wear heels so many days in a row during a long work week. It can be hard to find summer shoes that are practical while still looking summery.

The white shoe trend is a new favorite of mine because it instantly brightens up any outfit and you can treat the color like a nude and match with everything! I am a big fan of matching my shoes to another color in my outfit so I love to pair a white shirt with white shoes or white earrings with white shoes. I love a settle repeat matching element in any outfit.

These shoes from Eastland Shoes are the perfect summer work staple that will have you sprinting off from work to happy hour. They can be dressed up with cute work slacks and a button down and easily transitioned to happy hour with ripped jeans. They are the summer shoe your closet is missing and you need a pair in your closet this summer.

They are so comfortable but do require that first uncomfortable wear like most leather shoes. Mine broke right in and I find myself reaching for them most days recently. They do run fairly big, I would size a half size down.

They are also really pristine white and have not scuffed at all after multiple wears. I am excited to be working with Eastland Shoes to share this fun pair of shoes with y’all for the summer. You can shop them below.



These beautiful photos were taken by one of my best friends Merissa De Falcis you can check out all of her photography here on her website. 

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