Styled Zebra Turns One!

I can hardly believe it that Styled Zebra is a full year old today! It’s actually a little older than that, I started the blog and website in November 2018 and didn’t hit publish until almost a month later. I was so nervous and wanted everything to be perfect when I hit launch. I learned that there’s never going to really be a perfect time to hit publish on something you have dreamed about for years. You just have to take the leap of faith and hit publish anyway. 

I have wanted to have a blog since I was probably old enough to open the internet and learn what a blog was. I used to make websites from templates on this program Apple used to have. I loved writing and would constantly keep little journals and write long stories on my computer. It was a passion and hobby I just didn’t know how to tie together and make into something concrete. 

September of 2018, I started feeling really pulled to start a blog and finally have my own place on the internet. I was really scared and wanted to make sure I understood all aspects of what I was signing up for. I spent two months researching the ins and outs of what this blog would entail, things I wanted to write about, my mission statement, how I would afford this additional expense. It was a decision I did not make lightly and I was constantly nervous about how it was going to all come together. I shared the blog with my best friend Merissa and when it went live I started making practice posts and sending her content I would publish.

We critiqued it together and decided it made sense to turn my personal account with over 3,000 followers into my blog. That was a hard decision because it just meant more people were going to instantly see it and I didn’t know if I was ready for that yet. When I finally launched I hit publish on December 10, 2019 turned my phone off. I couldn’t bear to see what everyone was going to think and what they were going to say.  


I was blown away at the instant support I received from so many friends, coworkers and strangers that it encouraged me to keep going and continue posting. I got more comfortable with sharing my life so publicly and when I would run into people I hadn’t talked to in awhile and they would know all these details about my life. It still humbles me and makes me so thankful that so many people follow me and care what I have to say. The whole goal with starting my blog was to share tips and tricks to help others feel more productive and confident. 

I hope if you are new around here or have been following me for awhile that you have found my blog helpful to you in some way. Maybe my embarrassing stories made you laugh one day or you found an affordable outfit to wear to that wedding. 

I couldn’t do any of this without all of you and I owe all this success to each and every one of you so THANK YOU! Thank you for being here, for following along and liking and sharing your support means more to me than you could ever know and I want to say thank you!

I want to give one of you my favorite earrings from my favorite designer Lele Sadoughi. To enter all. you have to do is like my Instagram post with the photo from this post and comment two friends. That’s it! I just want to find a way to say thank you and I hope that receiving my favorite earrings helps makes your holiday a little brighter! I will select one winner a week from today. 

Thanks again for being here! I posted my first IGTV today and if you have ever seen Vogue’s 73 Questions series it’s amazing. I wanted to do something similar since I don’t have a film crew on hand, I just decided to sit in one place and have Pierce ask me the questions. I wanted to leave my answers here in case you missed one or weren’t able to catch the video. 

Hope you enjoy! 

On a scale of 1-10 how excited are you about life right now?

A 7 maybe an 8 

What’s your favorite holiday?


What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this year?

Pierce Pitstick 🙂 

What was your New Year’s resolution for 2019? 

To be more present and not wish my life away.

What’s your favorite dessert?

Raspberry lemon cheesecake with ice cream 

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? 

My education 

Favorite fashion trend of all time? 


What’s the last movie you watched that made you cry?

Saving Private Ryan 

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?

What’s a food you don’t like?


 What’s an ingredient you always cook with?

Garlic and Salt 

 Favorite color?


 Favorite color to wear? 


 One thing you’ve always wanted to try but are too afraid to do?

Live abroad 

 What’s the most overrated food trend?


 Best compliment you’ve ever received?

I have an ability to listen to others’ goals and help them come to life. 

 When are you inspired the most?

When I am exercising. 

 Who is the last person you texted?

My mom. 

 What’s your Starbucks order?

Non-fat latte or pumpkin spice. 

 What is your favorite time of day?


 What’s your favorite movie? 

Any movie with con artists. 

 What’s a fashion trend you can’t get on board with? 

Combat Boots 

 Dream country to visit?

South Africa 

 What’s one thing you can’t live without?

My childhood stuffed animal Chippy 

 What’s your favorite thing to wear?

Sweaters and oversized coats

What’s your favorite piece in your closet. 

My burberry scarf my parents gave me for my 15th Birthday 

 Window or aisle?

Window, I can always sleep on planes 

Current show you’re binge watching?

Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney + I have horrible taste in television 

 What inspires you?

Helping others 

 What’s the priciest thing you’ve ever bought yourself?

This ring I bought myself when I graduated college

 What’s your favorite book?

The Day the World Came to Town 

 What’s something you always travel with?

Headphones and a sleep mask 

Define yourself in 3 words

Courageous, compassionate and confident 

 What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

There are always going to be people who don’t like you. You can’t please everyone. 

 What’s one thing you would tell your high school self?

Take all the risks you can and care less what people think because it won’t matter. 

 What’s something you can’t do?


 What’s one food you always seek out on a menu?


 What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you this year?

Breaking my arm 

 Favorite cocktail? 

Moscow Mule 

 Beer or wine? 


Something you eat every day? 


 Favorite board game?

Exploding Kittens 

 What’s something you’re tired of?

The Instagram algorithm 

 What’s your biggest fear in life?

Losing my parents 

 Favorite show of all time?


 What’s something you lose all the time?

My keys 

 Best gift you’ve ever given someone? 

Coffee table books about their passion 

 Who is your celebrity look alike? 

Margot Robbie 

 What’s a good song to sing in the shower? 

Good as Hell by Lizzo 

 Last country you traveled to? 


What is your biggest strength?

Decisiveness, I make decisions and act upon them quickly 

 Biggest weakness? 

Decisiveness, sometimes I hurt others in my expressive wake. 

 What’s the last thing you ate? 

 Most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life? 

Starting my blog 

 What’s something you say you don’t like but have never tried? 


 Who is someone you miss? 

My friends Emma and Anne who live in different cities 

 Next place you’re traveling to?

Delaware for Christmas 

 What app do you use the most? 


 What’s one thing you have to do every day? 

Make my bed 

 What was your major in college? 

Journalism and Graphic Design 

 Who is someone you look up to? 

My Dad 

 What’s something you collect? 

Birthday cards 

 What’s one vice you wish you could give up? 

Hitting snooze 

 What’s your spirit animal? 


 What’s something you wear every day? 


 What’s your ideal date night? 

Riceless sushi 

 If you had a tattoo where would it be? 

I’d never get a tattoo

 What do you usually eat for breakfast? 

Gluten Free Waffle and Turkey Bacon 

 What’s your natural hair color? 


 What’s something you wish you had? 


 What’s a sport you used to play? 

Field Hockey 

 How would those close to you describe you? 


 What excites you most about this time in your life? 



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