Sephora Beauty Insider Sale Wants & Must Haves, Winter 2021

Hey sis! 

The Sephora Beauty Insider Sale is back again and my cart is waaay too full. Lucky for me I just found a Sephora gift card in my wallet that I just happen to find just before the sale.

Skin care has quickly become my addiction and I couldn’t be more obsessed with trying new products and adding to my routine. If you are newer to skin care and overwhelmed on where to begin, I wrote this blog post about how to build a skin care routine (also on YouTube here). 

The Sephora Beauty Insider Sale happens twice a year and offers major discounts site wide. Anyone can become a beauty insider (it’s free!) and the more you spend the higher level you become which equals more discounts! Access the discount by logging into your Sephora account and using code YAYHOLIDAY. (Breakdown below). 

Commonly Asked Questions:


Beauty Insider — Free to join, 10% off site wide November 5th to November 15th.

Sephora VIB — Sephora shoppers who spend over $350 a year, 15% off November 9th to November 15th. 

Sephora VIB Rouge — Sephora shoppers who spend over $1,000 a year, 20% off November 11th to November 15th. 

Also this year Sephora is offering 30% off the entire Sephora Collection starting November 5th through 15th. I’ve never seen them do this before but I am so here for it! 


Check your Sephora profile you can access your account through the app or on their website. Under your profile look for “beauty insider” this will have your level of status! 


YES in my opinion and I’ll tell you why. Unlike other retailers like Nordstrom or Revolve that have sales all the time, the beauty industry isn’t changing out as quickly as clothing styles. Look at when sales typically occur, at the end of a season that’s because these retailers are looking to push out all their products before styles change. The beauty industry doesn’t really have “seasons” and the skincare and makeup companies can sell the same products for years. The Sephora Spring Savings Event is a perfect time to take advantage of skincare, makeup, etc. products being on sale because they typically are not. 

No matter what level of insider status you might have, it is a perfect time to stock up on beauty favorites and products you’ve had your eye on! Because my skincare addiction runs DEEP I wanted to share a few of my recent favorite products. 

What I’m Restocking 

I love to use the sale as a time to really take advantage of any restocks I need. I have a few ride or die skincare products that I always seem to be out of anytime the sale rolls around. I’ll try to suffer without or make swaps and really stock up at the sale. 


Honeymoon Glow AHA Resurfacing Night Serum with Hydrating Honey + Gentle Flower Acids

I love a good AHA serum. AHA’s help even out dull skin tone and work to peel away the top surface of your skin so that new cells can take their place AKA leaving you with a nice GLOW. AHA’s help the skin regenerate faster so you aren’t walking around with dull skin. I purchased this at the Spring 2020 Sephora sale and it has quickly become one of my favorite products and this is my third time restocking it. I love it because it works DEEP. I can really feel it working which I love and the results are incredible. This is a MUST TRY! 

I have been very anti-eye cream for awhile because I have yet to find one where I can physically see a difference in puffiness and dark circles. My mother about had a heart attack when she found out I wasn’t using one at all so I decided to do some research and wanted to try this Biossance one after reading good things. I tried a sample and WOW I have never scrapped a product out of a tiny sample container like I have this eye gel. I noticed a difference after one night! When I finally ran out my eyes went back to their veiny-puffy selves and I knew I needed this eye gel on my counter! I’ve repurchases this maybe four or five times now? I’ve stopped trying other eye serums because this does the absolute MOST. 

I got a sample of this face wash and started throwing it in my toiletry bag when I was traveling (which let’s be real if you follow me on Instagram is every weekend). I became addicted to this product because unlike a drying face wash, this goes on like a cream and still suds up but leaves your skin feeling so ultra hydrated and smooth. The price point is great too at only $23. I’m excited to grab it at 20% which is such a steal. I love this brand and every product I’ve tried from them I’ve been in love with. 


Hollywood Flawless Filter

I’ve never been in love with a makeup product like I am with this one. It works so well to give you the best natural, dewy glow under your makeup. It’s not a primer and it’s not foundation so don’t confuse it with that. I put this on under or over makeup to give me a really natural dewy glow. Note: Be sure your skin is moisturized and hydrated before using this or it won’t blend how you want it to look. It pulls your skin undertone through to make the glow so if your base is super dry this will just cake and not give you that dewy glow. 

What’s In My Cart

I start planning my cart out months in advance haha I’ll keep my eye on things that friends or other makeup gurus recommend and heart them in my “saves” folder on my Sephora account. It helps me remember what I wanted to try and then as the sale gets closer I can begin to narrow down what I really want and need. 

I tried this from a friend at a wedding recently and my makeup looked flawless. I have been using Shape Tape by Tarte and not loving how it looks long wear. I really loved how this looked even after hours of wear. I love full coverage for under eye and pairing with a lighter foundation

I got a sample of this I think at the last Sephora sale this past spring. When traveling, I like to throw travel size products in my bag so I started bringing this around. I swear by my ride or die vitamin C serum so I wasn’t looking to change but when I travel I notice my skin is more dry and I loved the thought of putting an oil on my face to get my vitamin C serum. When I started reading the ingredients I noticed they were quite different from each other and the two serums actually complement each other really well.  I plan to buy this and bring it for travel and also use every other day in tandem with my fave vitamin C. 

I found this through Pierce’s sister Paige. She uses this a lot and is very into clean and natural beauty. I first saw it in her bathroom and then I started seeing it everywhere and became intrigued then I saw Kelli Ann use it and really wanted to try. It’s super light coverage much less than even a cc foundation. I like that it’s super lightweight and I plan to use it on no makeup days for WFH when I want to look alive but don’t need. a full face for Zoom meetings. 


Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops

I became obsessed with Glow Recipe after using this mask from this samples kit. I kept hearing everyone raving about this skincare brand and knew I needed to give it a try. I bought their best sellers kit for $32 that came with a ton of products this is my favorite way to sample a brand and products. I fell in love with the mask and knew I needed to try more products. I have a long list of products from this brand I want to try but this is at the top of my list because the ingredient Niacinamide is one my skin has always responded well to. It’s a form of vitamin B that has color correcting properties (think redness). This serum can be put on under makeup to give a natural glow. 


Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush 

Cream blush and bronzers have really caught my eye recently. I’ve been using this cream bronzer and am obsessed. I love how they give you that glowy look without looking matte. I’ve been reading a lot about cream blush and haven’t had this one recommended to me but the reviews are so good so I want to give it a try! I’ll probably also grab this Sephora Collection brush since it will be 30% off. 

Ok, this is a narrowed down list from my favorites and I also really need to restock my ride or die cc cream foundation and my favorite Drunk Elephant serum is out. There are a few other things on my wish list I might just ask my mom to throw into my stocking or move to my spring sale wish list like hyaluronic acid serum or this radiance complexion booster

Being a girl is so hard and expensive haha. I always look forward to this sale and know I’m going to save money long term by stocking up but dropping this much money at once always hurts me a bit. I know I say this a lot, but don’t ever feel like you NEED anything. You are beautiful with or without it sis. I share because I love to talk about skincare and now makeup with my friends and this is all just girlfriend chat!

I hope you enjoyed this post I’m going to be sharing more things on Instagram throughout the week of the sale so be on the lookout for that! Until next time.

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