Sephora Beauty Insider Sale Wants & Must Haves, Spring 2021

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The Sephora Beauty Insider Sale is back again and my cart is waaay too full. Like I might have an actual problem and should start buying stock in Sephora or something. 

Skin care has quickly become my addiction and I couldn’t be more obsessed with trying new products and adding to my routine. If you are newer to skin care and overwhelmed on where to begin, I wrote this blog post about how to build a skin care routine (also on YouTube here). 

The Sephora Beauty Insider Sale happens twice a year and offers major discounts site wide. Anyone can become a beauty insider (it’s free!) and the more you spend the higher level you become which equals more discounts! Access the discount by logging into your Sephora account and using code OMGSPRING. (Breakdown below). 

Commonly Asked Questions:


Beauty Insider — Free to join, 10% off site wide April 15th to April 19th. 

Sephora VIB — Sephora shoppers who spend over $350 a year, 15% off April 13th to April 19th. 

Sephora VIB Rouge — Sephora shoppers who spend over $1,000 a year, 20% off April 9th to April 19th.


Check your Sephora profile you can access your account through the app or on their website. Under your profile look for “beauty insider” this will have your level of status! 


YES in my opinion and I’ll tell you why. Unlike other retailers like Nordstrom or Revolve that have sales all the time, the beauty industry isn’t changing out as quickly as clothing styles. Look at when sales typically occur, at the end of a season that’s because these retailers are looking to push out all their products before styles change. The beauty industry doesn’t really have “seasons” and the skincare and makeup companies can sell the same products for years. The Sephora Spring Savings Event is a perfect time to take advantage of skincare, makeup, etc. products being on sale because they typically are not. 

No matter what level of insider status you might have, it is a perfect time to stock up on beauty favorites and products you’ve had your eye on! Because my skincare addiction runs DEEP I wanted to share a few of my recent favorite products. 

What’s in my Cart — Repurchases 

A true tried and true product of mine I use it as a daily chap-stick and love how smooth it feels. I feel like most chap-sticks make your lips more chapped and are really just a temporary band-aid but this works to repair your lips. There’s a reason this product has over seven-thousand 5 star reviews! 



I love this sunscreen brand it truly does give you the best glow. I am so diligent about wearing sunscreen (even indoors!) and this chemical sunscreen gives you the best glow! I have been using the Glowscreen for about a year now, it is lightly tinted so perfect for both no makeup or makeup days! I am hoping to grab the Unseen sunscreen as well. I truly have my eye on so many Supergoop products it’s hard for me to pick just one!! 

I’ve been using this toner for a little over a year. I don’t use it every day but I do really love it! Glycolic acid works to dig deep into your pores to reduce the appearance of fine lines. I use a toner after washing my face to get anything my face wash might of missed. I always feel like this digs deep and pulls out any remaining dirt. I’ve really been impressed with this skincare brand I’ve tried a few of their products now and for the price point, you can’t beat it. I am hoping to grab a few more during this sale! 

What’s in my Cart — New Purchases 


Peptide Moisturizer

I’ve read great things about this peptide moisturizer. It is said to be a dupe for the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Moisturizer. This Inkey List moisturizer is packed with peptides (an ingredient that works to rebuild and repair damaged cells AKA dry skin). I love the whipped container and for the price point, I am excited to try it out and test to see if it lives up to the hype surrounding it. 


AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel 

I’m also excited to try this serum because in my opinion, you can never have too many AHA/BHA serums! This serum comes highly recommended from one of my friends who is also skincare obsessed. The BHA (deep pore clearing ingredient) is at the highest percentage offered over the counter at 2%. It has a 10% AHA (chemically exfoliating ingredient designed to reduce fine lines, skin dullness AKA leaving you with that GLOW). I think BHA’s are truly the secret for me and fighting breakouts. If you think about acne, a bacteria, it lives deep under the skin’s surface. BHA’s work to dig all that bacteria up so that your pores can remain clear giving you less breakouts. 

I have loved everything I’ve tried from this brand. Their vitamin C serum is my absolute ride or die and I use it every single day. They just released this eye cream last week and it piqued my interest because of how the active ingredients are swirled together only becoming active together when pumped. It offers bakuchiol which is an all natural retinol alternative. This ingredient will help firm and smooth the skin under and around your eye. The other active ingredient is orchid stem cell which swirls with the bakuchiol to become a powerhouse. It’s only been out for a few weeks and has 4.5 star reviews. I LOVE my current eye cream but it doesn’t have retinol in it and doesn’t layer well with makeup so I would love to have two eye creams where I can use one morning and one at night. 


Retinol Anti-Aging Serum

I love using a retinol. I talk about all the benefits of it and why you should absolutely be using one before you turn 30 in this post here. I currently use tretinoin which is a prescription strength retinol but I’d love to add a retinol at a weaker percentage to my routine and start using it every single day instead of 2-3 times a week. I love the price point of this retinol and that it comes in the form of a serum rather than a cream. I find sometimes adding too many creams on top of each other doesn’t give my skin room to really absorb much so I prefer serums because of the consistency.  I’m excited to try this out! The low percentage is important to me for daily use because of the slow release formula for low irritating, effective active delivery AKA it’s best use daily overtime! 

My Top 3 Must Have’s 

I have been very anti-eye cream for awhile because I have yet to find one where I can physically see a difference in puffiness and dark circles. My mother about had a heart attack when she found out I wasn’t using one at all so I decided to do some research and wanted to try this Biossance one after reading good things. I tried a sample and WOW I have never scrapped a product out of a tiny sample container like I have this eye gel. I noticed a difference after one night! When I finally ran out my eyes went back to their veiny-puffy selves and I knew I needed this eye gel on my counter! I’ve repurchases this twice now and if I didn’t just repurchase this in January I’d be stocking up.  

I love a good AHA serum. AHA’s help even out dull skin tone and work to peel away the top surface of your skin so that new cells can take their place AKA leaving you with a nice GLOW. AHA’s help the skin regenerate faster so you aren’t walking around with dull skin. I purchased this last year at the spring Sephora sale and it has quickly become one of my favorite products. I love it because it works DEEP. I can really feel it working which I love and the results are incredible. This is a MUST TRY! 

If you aren’t using an oil to finish out your skincare routine you absolutely should be. This is one of my all time favorite products and I refer to it as liquid GOLD. It’s expensive but it works absolute WONDERS to my skin. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and dewy and you just wake up with the best GLOW. There is a mini size you can try out for half the cost! 

Samples I Have My Eye On Grabbing 

I truly think the Sephora sale is the best time to try and get your hands on some new products! I realized recently my mask collection isn’t very broad. I’ve been loving this one by Langie the Water Sleeping Mask. I think Sephora has some of the best mini sets where you can sample a bunch of products for a super low price point. 


Sun Safety Kit 

If you haven’t caught onto my love for sunscreen by now then you know this set is for me! I was so excited when I found this set because you get two full sizes and the rest are half sizes of a ton of sunscreen based products. I really think this set might have to come home with me hahah. It’s a $230 value for $39?! 


Masking Mini’s 5-Piece Kit 

I always like to sample masks before buying them full size. Especially for the price of these masks that run for about $50 a mask. Being able to sample all these masks allows you to really nail down which ones are working for you. I am all for trying more products at a less quantity before investing in buying full size. 

A Few Makeup Pieces 

I really don’t wear much makeup at all these days but I do have a few things I want to grab during the sale that have been on my list for awhile. 

I love the concept of a cream bronzer rather than a powder. I really don’t love how powders ruin the dewiness of my foundation that I worked so hard to achieve. I’m hoping this lives up to the hype and is a good replacement to my current powder bronzer. 


Pillow Talk Gloss 

I don’t 100% need this right now but it’s been on my list. I’ve been loving my Fenty mini gloss because it fits in my purse super easily. I really want to also grab the lipstick and the lip liner to this and I know I’ve seen it come as a 3 piece set so I might wait on this and grab when I see it come as a pack. 

I recently ran out of my eyeliner and borrowed one from my roommate (she’s so in with the makeup trends) and she had this and I loved it! I love the color it’s the perfect shimmer and the brown actually looks so good on me I typically prefer black. I’m going to absolutely pick this up because of how much I loved it! 

WOW ok do I have a problem or what haha. I really need to narrow this list down a bit. I really want everything here but know that it’s not 100% realistic haha. I’ll share what I do end up purchasing soon. I hope this post was helpful and gave you some ideas on things you might want to grab at the Sephora sale.

If you do plan on shopping the Sephora sale, one way you can  help out my small business is just by clicking on this link that will lead you to Sephora’s home page and shopping like normal! It really helps me continue to link things and share products with you so thank you as always for being here and supporting this little space of mine! 

Talk soon! 



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