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Welcome to the Bach Series! Where to eat, stay, play and more in Scottsdale for a bachelorette! 
Welcome to the Bach Series! I wanted to find a way to capture the fun bachelorette’s I have coming up for my sweet friends in this next season of life while also being a resource and guide for popular destinations. This review is solely from my experience at this destination as a bachelorette trip and less as a travel guide for a normal trip. I also always want to point out the lovely maid of honor who went into the planning of this trip and I am covering it as an attendee!


I love writing travel guides. They take a LOT of work but I do think they are so helpful and I know they can be a great resource when planning a trip. Bachelorette’s are really their own type of trip. Planning a trip for a big group of girls to a destination you might not have been to is nerve-wracking and a bit stressful. Hopefully, through the bach series I can be a resource to a maid of honor planning a trip, a bride deciding on her destination and every bridesmaid in between! Ok, let’s get started on today’s post, Nashville! 

Why Scottsdale? 

Scottsdale has become a super popular destination for bachelorette’s and for good reason! The weather is gorgeous and usually warm for most of the year. The bar scene is great and Old Town has really cute charm. The restaurants and food scene caters to large parties with super cute aesthetics’. It’s a bachelorette dream destination with plenty of photo opportunities! 

We were also commenting while there how great of a variety Scottsdale brings to a bachelorette. You can go hiking in the morning and have a pool day in the afternoon with a great bar scene at night! There’s lots of ways to switch up the itinerary when you’re there to maximize your trip! 

I also loved that there are so many cute Airbnb’s with great pools! I know a lot of people love to be able to rent a house on a bachelorette to keep everyone together. There are so many cute Airbnb’s with girly decor within a short Uber ride to all the places you’ll want to go! 

Where to Stay

There are SO many cute Airbnb’s in Scottsdale you can’t go wrong! The one we stayed in was perfect because it had two bathrooms. Some of the older houses only have one! I would suggest booking as far in advance as you can to secure the perfect house. 

Because Scottsdale caters to bachelorettes, there are so many cute girly houses! This is the link to the one we stayed in and here are two more I thought looked so fun! Here and here

Location is key here, you will want to be driving distance to Old Town that’s where all the bars, restaurants and shops are! 

*Photo credit, I forgot to take a photo of inside the restaurant! 

Where to Eat 

Scottsdale has so many cute restaurants! There are only a handful of places that take reservations so it might be worth calling around. We found the places that did take reservations for big parties did require a minimum for each person to meet. I believe the above restaurant Toca Madera required $100 a person! 

A thing to note: A  lot of restaurants in Scottsdale don’t take reservations because they don’t have to, the bachelorette parties and girls ready to brunch fill up tables quickly so I would suggest mapping out where you really want to eat and get there early! You may have to wait for a table but we enjoyed drinks at the bar if we ever had to wait but going early ensures you time it right! You can also usually check yourself in beforehand on Yelp so you don’t have to wait too long! There are a lot of appetizer discounts we scored too through Yelp! 

Toca Maderna 

Dinner/Brunch – $

We ate dinner here one night and although there was a minimum it was so worth it! The food was incredible it was Mexican and seafood! My friend got the scallops and they were amazing! The tuna app was my favorite with a super spicy sauce. We also got pitchers of margaritas and easily hit our minimum! 

Giesha a Go Go Sushi

Dinner & Karaoke – $$

We grabbed dinner here one night and it was SO fun! The sushi was so good too. You can rent out a karaoke room or eat here in the restaurant and do a karaoke room after dinner. They had a lot of fun songs and three microphones in the huge room that sat up to 15 people! 

The Canal Club at the Scott Hotel 

Brunch/Happy Hour – $

We ate brunch here one day I got the harvest bowl and it was so yummy! It was very reasonable price and the atmosphere is 10/10. They also do happy hour and have such a long list of drinks! I got the Letter to a Friend that was grapefruit based and a few of my friends got the Salt River Society which was also great! 

The Montauk 

Brunch – $ 

I’ve been to brunch here on my previous trip to Scottsdale and sat outside! They have a huge patio both around the restaurant on the porch and in the back. There is usually live music too! This is a great spot to come and hang out for a few hours because they have punch bowls (like Moscow mule!!) that you can indulge on for awhile.

Diego Pops 

Mexican – $ 

We went here for dinner one night and this place is very popular! We checked in on Yelp beforehand which helped with our table wait. I live in Texas so I wouldn’t say this is the best Mexican food I’ve ever had but their brussels sprout nachos are out of this world and worth the try! 

Where to Play

At Night

The going out life in Scottsdale is great and I completely understand how the bachelorette parties have flocked here. We went to a ton of great bars all were great and we had an awesome time!! 

Bottled Blonde: We have a bottled blonde in Dallas too! There were lots of tables here and it was crowded! IF you are a bachelorette party, try and find a table of a  bachelor party that seemed to be the best way to get drinks haha 😉 

Boondocks: This bar is huge and has tons of games around. This is a good option for a more casual night out! 

Hot Chick: This was a popular bar and one of my favorites! They have all these older games like pac man and skee ball that were really fun to play! 

Bevvy: All the club vibes. The music is loud, they have tables and the bar is cool it’s below the dance floor so you look down on it.

During the Day 

Party Bus

We rented out a party bus for the day and it was a lot of fun! They took you around to a few local spots and stopped for a scenic photoshoot! I’m not going to recommend the company we used because although we had fun, the speakers were soo quiet because it was a renovated school bus. 

If I were to do it again, I’d rent a traditional party bus so you can ensure the music is loud! We still had a great time but it would have been even better with louder music! 

Swag & Goodies

The maid of honor is one of my other best friends so I really want to give a shout out to her for putting this all together! She absolutely killed it and found the cutest stuff for the bride Erin and for all the other girls! You can find her over at Merissa De Falcis Photo! 

Shop Swag & Goodies

Meet the Bride

Meet Erin! Shop her outfit. She has been one of my besties since college. We met through her maid of honor Merissa and became quickly inseparable! I knew in college she was one of those life long friends and she has a heart of gold! I can’t wait to stand by her side in just a few weeks and watch her marry James!

I was actually with Erin the first night she met James! It was our first night out in Dallas post college and we ran into his friend who was wearing a TCU shirt! James came up to his friend and was instantly smitten by Erin and the rest is history! They have a sweet dog Knox and live in a beautiful new house in Dallas! Can’t wait for all the new memories to come I love you Erin!! 

That wraps up this Bach Series post! If you want more Scottsdale recs, be sure to check out my post on my girls weekend trip to Scottsdale a few years back over here. And be sure to check out all the other Bach Series posts here! I owe you a Palm Springs bachelorette post so that’s coming so so soon! Until next time! 



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