Roaring into the Weekend with Leopard

Happy Friday!

This has seemed like the longest week with last week being a short week. I’ve been trying to stick to my New Year’s resolution of not wishing my life away… its been going semi-decent. I have caught myself a few times wishing for the weekend but instead I am trying to refocus my energy and change the wishing to excitement. I’ll keep you posted how it goes… I’m 11 days in so far and it has already been a challenge.

It’s also been hard not to wish for the weekend because this weekend is my birthday! A few of my friends from college are coming in from out of town and I couldn’t be happier to have them here to spend the weekend with me. My best friend and I who I live with also just bought a new bar cart for the celebration and it is so cute in our kitchen! Linking it here so you can grab one before it sells out but I’m going to try and do a full post next week or the week after on how we decorated it! It’s also on SALE so another huge bonus.

I have been absolutely loving leopard print lately and have bought so many things that scream anything animal print. This jacket is one of my favorites. You all know by now that I have an obsession with faux fur jackets! I am linking a few in a variety of price ranges below so you can snag one on any budget!

I hope you all have lovely weekend plans filled with friends and a Cowboys win tomorrow night!

xx Zoe 




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