Polka Dots to Take You from Work to Happy Hour


Happy Tuesday!

I worked out yesterday and did legs for the first time in forever and my legs are jell-o today! It felt so good to get back in the gym I am determined to keep myself accountable and on top of my routine for the rest of the week. I feel like the first day I break my routine and don’t go I mess up the whole week and don’t want to go back. But if I keep going I enjoy going. Does that make sense? Probably not haha.

ANYWAY. I am starting to bring out the spring clothes to get us ready for the warmer weather that seems so out of reach right now with this cold. I can’t wait to leave work in the evenings and for it not to be dark outside and below freezing. I am looking forward to after work happy hours on patios and rooftops. To get us all ready for sunnier days I am rounding up the best blouses to take you from work to happy hour. These tops are all perfect to wear to work during the day and also work for an evening dinner or occasion.

This top I am wearing is a fun black and white polka dot. I have been really into the polka dots but don’t own a ton of polka dot things so I was excited to add this piece to my wardrobe. The button down is thin enough to wear on hot summer days but easily layered with a  long sleeve tee underneath.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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