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This post is sooo long overdue and I  am so sorry! I’ve been running non stop since this incredible weekend in Palm Springs and just getting around posting this amazing trip recap! 
Welcome to the Bach Series! I wanted to find a way to capture the fun bachelorette’s I have coming up for my sweet friends in this next season of life while also being a resource and guide for popular destinations. This review is solely from my experience at this destination as a bachelorette trip and less as a travel guide for a normal trip. I also always want to point out the lovely maid of honor who went into the planning of this trip and I am covering it as an attendee!


I love writing travel guides. They take a LOT of work but I do think they are so helpful and I know they can be a great resource when planning a trip. Bachelorette’s are really their own type of trip. Planning a trip for a big group of girls to a destination you might not have been to is nerve-wracking and a bit stressful. Hopefully, through the bach series I can be a resource to a maid of honor planning a trip, a bride deciding on her destination and every bridesmaid in between! Ok, let’s get started on today’s post, Palm Springs! 

Why Palm Springs?

I think Palm Springs has recently become a popular spot for bachelorette’s and it’s easy to see why! Long are the days that Palm Springs is only for your tennis and patterned golf shirt wearing grandparents. Palm Springs is quickly becoming a super trendy spot for a much younger crowd! 

The weather is perfect for those early spring weddings where a warm destintation is desired. Palm Springs has goregous weather! It has the desert dry heat and bright sunshine days! Not to mention the aptosphere is just beautiful! There are gorgeous surrounding mountains so it’s not a flat desert like Scottsdale! 

There are also so many cute rental houses available which is always ideal for a bachelorette party with big groups! There are so many cute decorated options and most come with a pool which is a must! 

Where to Stay

We had the most gorgeous rental house! It was beyond stunning The pink details were so cute and every room was decorated so girly! The layout was also great in that we all had tons of space! 

There were about ten of us and this house has four bedrooms and sleeps ten! It also has two big bathrooms which was nice. We loved laying by the pool which had nice lounge chairs and shade. There were also two living areas which was nice to spread out or have tons of space to gather during different activities. 

Where to Eat

We ate the first night at 1501 Uptown Gastropub and it was right downtown which is a great spot to be for all the nightlife! The majority of us got the chicken under a brick which came with really yummy pompogrante seeds! 

We opted to do most of our brunches at home (thank you Costco) which was nice for people to slowly get up and eat when they wanted too. The two maids of honor on this trip killed it with stocking the fridge! We had a yogurt parfait bar one morning and a bagel bar complete with avocado toast options the next day! 10/10 recommend this!! 

We had our nice dinner out at Azucar and it was beyond amazing. The service, food, atmoshere was incredible! We had the best time and sat at one of their head tables you can reserve indoors. It was a really nice intimate environment and I loved that we could all see and talk to each other at one big table! 

Favorite Things To Do

We had the best time and surprised Anne with a photoshoot at the house with all the girls! It was so fun and Anne loved it! We hired Thru Deez Lens and she absoutely killed it the photos are beyond amazing! 

She really captured so many sweet moments beyond just the standard smiling at the camera photos. It was so much fun!! Every bachelorette needs a photoshoot!! 

We also did a workout class which was so on brand for this bride! She is the fittest and most active girl I know back in college she used to wake me up at 5 am to run with her and we would workout twice a day hahah. She bought us these workout bands and did a workout class for us one morning! It was a great way to break up the drinking during the weekend. 

It would be so fun to do a pilaties or spin class if you don’t have access to your own personal trainer! We all said it was one of our favorite parts of the weekend and Anne loved it! 

We also did some window shopping downtown and there are so many good local botiques and shops! There was one hat store where I was so tempted to buy another hat but I restrained myself. They also have a lot of the big name stores like Sephora, Free People, etc so it was fun to walk around! 

We also stopped and got milkshakes at Great Shakes which is rated one of the best places to get a milkshake in the U.S. by Buzzfeed so you really need to try it! I got Oreo Carmel and each milkshake comes with a mini donut. 

Night Life

I was really surprised how good the nightlife was in Palm Springs! It was really fun!! We went to a few different places but I can’t even remember the names. We asked our Uber drivers where to go and they always dropped us off at cool places with good crowds.

There are a few hotel bars too that are fun to grab cocktails at if you want a less dance party scene. We only went out one night since there are so many other fun things to do in Palm Springs! The nightlife is always changing depending on what bars are popular that month. I would just ask for local recs either at your hotel or through Uber/Lyft drivers when riding from the airport! 

How cute is this champange bottles one of the girls on the trip made?! She sells them you can find them here, @made_with_liv95

Meet the Bride

Meet one of my absolute besties Anne! We met in college and on this trip we actually remembered how it happened! Anne DM’d me to borrow my clothes hahaha we knew of each other we just hadn’t really hung out and when she came over we became best friends. We were quickly inseperable and the rest is history! 

Anne used to always drag me in college to work out she was my personal trainer! She has a heart of absolute gold and I am so beyond lucky to be her friend! These days our fitness buddies looks more like phone tag dates as we try to call each other once a week and leave lots of voicemails for each other! 

Anne lives in Saint Louis with her fiance Bradley and sweetest pup Gunner! I can’t wait to stand by her side at her wedding in Saint Louis this coming May! 

Shop My Suitcase

The co maids of honors Lauren and Leah absolutely killed it planning this trip. They were beyond organized and even sent us an email a few months before the trip asking for our favorite snacks and allergies. It was beyond sweet! I hope to be half as organized as them!! I have to dedicate this post to the two of them because they did such a great job planning this for Anne!! 



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