October Amazon Roundup

November whaat?! When did that happen?! Feels like it was just Fourth of July… The weeks have been flying by and Dallas just decided that it wanted to have Fall weather and this week has been freezing! Tomorrow is supposed to be 34 degrees in the morning and this girl is not ready for THAT cold yet. Seriously why can’t it just be 65 (ok… 75) and being outside is actually tolerable. 


I have had sooo many Amazon purchases this month. I feel like I shopped on Amazon more than usual? Is that possible.. idk I feel like I have one package a day from Amazon on a normal month but this month it was like three a day. I have a problem ok!! Amazon is just too convenient for my own good. 

Y’all have loved the Amazon finds this month. Almost 85% of orders made this month through my links this month came from Amazon. So if you are liking the Amazon finds I’ll deliver! 

Shopping on Amazon should be a SERIOUS sport. I feel like it is so hard to pick through things and find good options. I’ve been getting better and have a tip highlight on my Instagram Highlights on “How to Shop On Amazon.” 

I wanted to round up all the Amazon favorites y’all have had this month so you can have them all in one place and in case you happened to miss any. I’ll keep doing this if you find it helpful! Let me know what you think!

Let’s start with this outfit. This top y’all… I can’t it’s that amazing. This is by far the most selling item this month and it is my favorite of the bunch. So cozy and soft you’ll wear it to workout, to work, to bed I had to buy in another color because I was wearing my white one almost every day. 

Ok.. don’t kill me but this headband is sold out!! I literally checked right before I took these photos on Sunday and when I went to link for someone on my stories the other day I saw it was sold out. I will keep my eye on it but it is from Asos and their headband selection is so good!! 

My cute shoes are also from Asos and they are in stock in all sizes. Seriously so comfortable they are a light suede material I’ve been wearing to work and out and about non stop. 


This is the same shirt as the one above but in white! This is the first color I bought and I love how versatile it is. Don’t be thrown off by the one size, I love the loose oversized fit and I think most people would be happy with the fit! They have free returns if you are unsure. 


This is the same white top as above… I clearly loved it ok! This hat is not an Amazon find but from Urban Outfitters and I have loved wearing it! 


Posted these yesterday and y’all absolutely loved them. I can’t wait for you to all get them in because they are seriously SO COZY!! I am obsessed. They were sold out for so long I have been waiting to post them and rave about them until they came back in stock so RUN before they sell out again. Come in four colors, in stock in all sizes, and only $16. 


Best from Stories 

Shop the best finds from stories this month! 

Side note: These are not great quality hahah I screen shotted from videos sooo work with me people. 

I am in love with those Lululemon sports bras that are almost like mini crop tops. I wear them to the gym all the time. They are so comfortable and easy. I found this one on Amazon and it has the cutest back too! I ordered one size up for reference I hate when sports bras are too tight but use your best judgement with how tight you like your sports bras. 


My sinuses have been so bad this month. I don’t know whats in the air but my allergies have been out of control. I ordered this humidifier and it has helped so much! Its so good for your skin too! 


What I have my Eye On 

All the things I have in my cart that I am just waiting to hit send on. 

Hope y’all loved this Amazon roundup! You can shop all my Amazon favorites throughout the month on the Shop Amazon tab on my website or under the Shop Instagram tab! All my looks are also always linked in LIKE.to.KNOW.it. 

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