Nordstrom Customer Service Earrings Review

It’s Wednesday!!

Only a few more days until the weekend and I can’t wait. My birthday is this weekend and a few of my best friends are coming in from out of town! I’ve been booking dinner reservations and preparing for everyone to get into town. Although it is supposed to rain, which I’m upset about but I’m trying not to let it ruin it!

I wanted to write a post about these earrings from Nordstrom because I wear them almost daily. They are by the brand Nardi and I have multiple jewelry pieces from their brand. I absolutely love the quality and the price point. I get asked all the time if they are real and they look absolutely stunning up close and far away.

I bought these earrings back in August when they came out and after a few wears I noticed the “diamond” like pieces were falling out of just one of my earrings. It was pretty noticeable from afar so I kept wearing them until it started to bother me when a bunch fell out. I was super upset and had a suspicion that my one earring that was doing this was a fluke because the other one hadn’t lost any stones! I went online to Nordstrom and read all the reviews for the earrings and no one had mentioned a similar problem so I knew that the earring I had was not the quality they usually produce.

I reached out to Nordstrom Customer Service and didn’t have my receipt because at this point it was October and let’s be real I throw recipets away all the time. I explained the situation and they responded that same day. Nordstrom was so apologetic and said to take the earrings to Nordstrom and they would get me a new pair. So a few weeks later (the mall is out of the way and I kept putting this off) I went in and explained the situation again and they took my earrings and shipped me a brand new pair. I have known from the past that Nordstrom has amazing customer service but was blown away by the lengths they are willing to go to keep their customers happy. I am so happy with these earrings and I can’t recommend them enough. I have had the new pair for a few weeks now and have had no problems with the stones falling out proving the one I had where this was happening was a total fluke!

I hope you are all having a great Wednesday and powering through the week.

xx Zoe



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