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Welcome to the Bach Series! Nashville Edition

Welcome to the Bach Series! I wanted to find a way to capture the fun bachelorette’s I have coming up for my sweet friends in this next season of life while also being a resource and guide for popular destinations. This review is solely from my experience at this destination as a bachelorette trip and less as a travel guide for a normal trip. I also always want to point out the lovely maid of honor who went into the planning of this trip and I am covering it as an attendee!


I love writing travel guides. They take a LOT of work but I do think they are so helpful and I know they can be a great resource when planning a trip. Bachelorette’s are really their own type of trip. Planning a trip for a big group of girls to a destination you might not have been to is nerve-wracking and a bit stressful. Hopefully, through the bach series I can be a resource to a maid of honor planning a trip, a bride deciding on her destination and every bridesmaid in between! Ok, let’s get started on today’s post, Nashville! 

Why Nashville? 

Nashville has quickly become a popular destination for bachelorette’s and even if you’ve traveled to Nashville for a normal trip you’d see why. The live music, the vibe of the city is just unbeatable. I truly think Nashville is such a fun place to have a bachelorette because the whole city is just alive and you get the bar scene with live music but also warm weather and the ability to stay close to downtown. 

Here a few of my reasons Nashville makes the perfect destination: 

  • Bar scene with live music: How many places in the country can you hop from bar to bar with live music everywhere?!
  • Ability to rent a big house close to downtown: I know it’s important to a lot of brides to have everyone stay in one place rather than separate hotel rooms. There are a TON of cute houses all located close to downtown. 
  • Flexible for big parties: Because Nashville has become such a bach hub, a lot of restaurants and activities are flexible and accommodating for big parties. 
  • The OUTFITS! The pure ability to wear a cowboy hat and pink at all times. 

The outfits are one of my favorite parts of Nashville and I can’t help but mention the pure ability to wear pink and a cowboy hat anywhere should make Nashville the perfect destination. The outfits make Nashville so fun because of all the cute fringe and PINK you can wear. It really is cute and so girly which is exactly what I envision on a bachelorette. 

Where to Stay 

I know it’s important to a lot of brides to have all their girls stay together! Having everyone under one roof just creates for one big slumber party and makes herding the group so much easier. Nashville has so many cute rental homes! The best part is a lot of them are decorated all pink and super cute for Nashville. We stayed just south of the Gulch which is on the south side of downtown.

Broadway is the street you want to make sure you are a reasonable Uber distance to as that’s where the big bar scene is. A lot of the popular restaurants are also located close to Broadway so you shouldn’t have to Uber too much once you make it over to the neighborhood of downtown. So end note, pick the restaurants based off what looks the cutest. 

Here is a link to the VRBO we stayed at with photos I took from our stay below! 

Where to Eat 

I have a few comments about the food in Nashville because I am a foodie haha. Nashville has really cute restaurants and really good Southern food but I’m not overly impressed with the food here. You don’t really visit Nashville for the food scene. I’ve been to Nashville 3x and I’ve never had a bad meal but I’ve also never been overly impressed with a meal either. Read: Pick a restaurant based on it’s cute aesthetic. 

The other biggest thing I have to say about restaurants with a group this size is to make sure you are picking places that are close to your next activity. Our maids of honor absolutely killed it at this and we never had to Uber twice between eating and our next activity. A lot of the activities you will likely be doing both day and night are around Broadway so keep that in mind when picking restaurants. Downtown is your best bet! 

If you want to get spots at the below I’d book at least three weeks out but preferably three months if you have it! Remember this is a popular city of big parties so you’re fighting the masses here! 


  • Liberty Common: This was my second time here and I absolutely loved it. The decor is so cute and I’ve now been for both dinner and brunch. I think their brunch is super noteworthy! 
  • Hampton Social: This three story gorgeous restaurant is complete with so many photo worthy spots including a rose wall and a rose all day wall. 
  • Biscuit Love: Another photo worthy spot I’d go here for brunch! Nashville is known for their biscuits. 
  • White Limozeen: This spot is ultra popular because it’s in Dolly Parton’s hotel. This adorable rooftop drink spot can get crazy crowded. Reservations are hard to come by (shout out to our MOH for calling them everyday for three months). There is a line where you can wait for a table and it wasn’t too terribly long so I’d recommend waiting if you can’t get a reservation it is the cutest place ever. 
  • Saint Anejo: This tex-mex place is so cute! The food is actually really good and I’m from Texas so I’m allowed to say that haha. They have lots of flavors of margs and a huge outdoor patio. 
  • Party Foul: This hot chicken restaurant was so good! It was perfect for our big group and  it is so spicy which I loved. We went here before our party bus picked us up and there is a liquor store across the street you can buy your High Noons & Claws at before your bus. 

Where to Play

The bar scene is unreal and you will be blown away by all the live music! I’m going to list the activities below by day and night. You really can’t go wrong at night but I’ll recommend some of my personal favorite bars to hop into! 

During the Day 


The party bus was one the absolute highlights for me! There are so many different kinds of party buses to rent and we had so much fun on the one we were on. It was also the most eye catching to passerby’s which got us a lot of cheers. We rented the fire truck and it was fun because you were up really high and had ultra comfortable seats to sit on. I will say there wasn’t a ton of room to dance we got along just fine dancing at our seats but if you want a big space to spread out I’d recommend one of the tractor ones I know one of those comes with a DJ too. You’ll have a blast either way and really can’t go wrong. Just don’t skip on this because you’ll see the party buses everywhere and feel left out if you don’t do it! 


This was an absolute highlight for me! A lot of the bars don’t take reservations during the day and you can get around by just waiting but we really wanted to be sure we got a table somewhere. Our MOH’s booked us a reservation at Tin Roof because they do take reservations during the day. It was so fun because we got a huge table for all 12 of us and because we did make a reservation (I don’t think people typically do) we were sat right in front of the stage. We got to interact with the band the whole time and it was so fun! 


There are a lot of bars on Broadway and you really will spend most of your trip here but I think there are defitinley places that make more sense to go to during the day. 

  • Jason Aldean’s: I would not go here at night. It is so crowded even during the day the line is out the door. I would wait in line to go in during the day it is three stories and I think the second is the most fun because it’s partial patio with a live band but the rooftop is just a DJ. 
  • Tootsie’s: You have to check out this famous purple building. It is three stories and I think the roof is the most fun. It has a live band but the outdoor rooftop is pretty far away from the band but has really cute views of Broadway. 
Where to Play at Night 


There are so many bars on Broadway you really can’t go wrong but I’ll name a few of my favorites that I defitinley lived my best life at. 

  • Honkey Tonk Central: This is my favorite bar! It is three stories and has live music on every floor. I remember when my dad and I came to Nashville we also said this was our favorite. The music’s always good and I think they get better artists than some of the others. 
  • Nudie’s Honkey Tonk: This one is a little smaller than the one above but still really fun! Live music and dancing. 
  • Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row: This is another one that would be fun to go to during the day but we went here late one night and it was really fun! The atmosphere is a little more modern which was fun and the stage to bar placement is good! 

What’s Not Worth the Hype 

I think there are two really hyped about things in Nashville that after experiencing one and not hearing a single positive thing about the other than I think it’s safe to say you can skip out on. I don’t think these things will make or break your trip and I just really don’t think they live up to the hype. 

  • The Drag Brunch: I’m not even sure where this is but I’ve not heard good things and I’ve heard there are better cities to experience Drag at. Like Vegas and Dallas. I just haven’t really heard this is worth and I think it’s pretty expensive. I would skip this! 
  • Pinewood Social: I was really excited to go here but I have a few thought. First I’ll just say we didn’t have a bad time by any means but if you have to skip something, skip this. There are only two bowling lanes for the entire restaurant which just seems a little silly to me. We didn’t get the chance to bowl and I don’t think we could get a reservation. The food was good, and the drinks were really good, it’s a really cute vibe, but I feel like you go there to bowl which we couldn’t do because there were only two lanes. The people who were sitting at the bowling lanes weren’t bowling and it was very zen and quiet not at all what I was envisioning haha. 


Swag & Goodies 

The maid of honor’s on this trip absolutely KILED it on the swag. I’m not kidding we had the BEST swag out of anyone around. Everyone loved our hats and the sunglasses couldn’t be cuter! The cut out faces were such a big hit and you can’t have a bachelorette without groom tattoos! You can shop everything through the link above and here is the link to the fan faces. The koozies are from a local Fort Worth Store called P.S. the Letter! 

Meet the Bride

Ok, have to introduce you to our gorgeous bride! I mean, how cute is she?! This is Jordan and I am so excited to be in her wedding. We went to TCU together but actually never knew each other at TCU which is crazy to me now that she is one of my closest friends. 

Wyly her fiance and Pierce my boyfriend were fraternity brothers and post college when Pierce and I started dating, we started hanging out with Jordan and Wyly almost every weekend! Jordan has the sweetest heart and I am so lucky to know and love her.

Jordan and her Wyly are getting married in Forth Worth in June! 

That wraps us up! I had so much fun putting this post together for you and I hope you are already daydreaming about your Nashville trip because it will not disappoint. I have to give a HUGE shoutout to Heather and Haley, Jordan’s co-maid of honors. They absolutely killed it at all the planning and I have to give this post to them they really outdid themselves and you should really be thanking them!! 



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