My Current Favorites & 5 Purchases I’ve Made Recently I Don’t Regret


A long overdue blog post I’m excited to share some things I’ve been loving on recently with you! 

It feels too long since I’ve written a blog post. I’ve really struggled with this weird transition of content that has been going in. I haven’t “shot content” in forever and that’s crazy because it used to be part of my weekly routine. As Instagram updates have really changed how users view content it has pushed me to change the form of content I share. For the most part, that looks like less photos and more videos. It’s also pushed me to explore TikTok which is a whole work in progress I can’t really figure it out yet and what performs well vs doesn’t. 

While I’ve really pushed myself outside my comfort zone in how I’m thinking about content, it’s made me take less blog worthy photos haha. It’s been a challenge to balance all the mediums but I know the growth is in video plus that’s my current favorite type of content to consume! 

With all that said, I have really missed putting up content on my blog because I feel like I can be more lengthy in my explinations and I’ve always loved to write. It’s a huge reason why I started a blog and so today I wanted to share a ton of things I’ve been loving on recently as well as five purchases I’ve made recently I don’t regret and would 100% buy again! 

What I’ve Been Loving On Lately – Current Faves


I started taking Pilates this summer at a local studio and I couldn’t be loving it more. It has toned me more than any workout ever has I have noticed such a difference in muscle tone and overall strength. It’s been the best thing for me! Fort Worth gals, I’ve been going to BodyBar and really loving the intensinty of their classes. I have four classes a month for $99 if it was cheaper I’d take more classes per month because I love it so much!



I know what you’re thinking haha no way Zoe can this  count. But no seriously I have an explanation haha we recently started our marriage counseling! We are going to an 11 week program that meets once a week. We have absolutely LOVED the sessions we’ve had and it  sparks so many healthy conversations between us and we leave feeling so close, happy and just one. Last week we wrote our marriage mission statement and I’m already thinking of the ways we can incorporate it into our wedding ceremony and frame it in our house in a cool art piece. It’s been so healthy and I feel like it’s brought us even closer together if that was even possible. We have just been so giggly and in love lately and I’ve just been loving this sweet life stage with him. I can go more in depth about the marriage counseling and why/where we are doing it if you are interested I highly recommend an intensive program like this one it’s been the best.


I have had a serious recent obsession with enchiladas I could eat them for every meal lately and Pierce is getting sick of me always suggesting we go get them. My favorite place to grab them is from Chuy’s for Texas peeps their Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom Enchiladas are incredible.

This Addicting Ice Cream

I’m not sure if this is just a local Texas brand of if they are available everywhere but oh my word this ice cream is the most addicting thing I’ve ever tasted!! This flavor and the Honeycomb oh my YUMMM. I can’t even get over how rich and creamy this ice cream is haha. If you try tag me I want to hear how good it is. I totaly blame my friends Carley and Kyle for my addiction to this I first tried it at their house! 

Five Purchases I’ve Made Recently I Don’t Regret Buying

  1. This Skincare Product

I recently started incorporating this into my skincare routine and I swear it is one of the reasons my skin has been absolutely glowing recently. If you aren’t using a BHA toner in your routine, you should add one! I use this after I wash my face and before I start adding serums. It picks up anything my face wash missed and gives me a great deep pore surface to add serums to! The price on this is super reasonable I can see this lasting me for months! I have some of the benefits of BHAs listed in the photo. 

2. My Duvet Cover

I’ve had this duvet cover for about a year now and I recently just purchased another one! We were gifted a king size duvet insert off our registry and I wanted to replace it with this same duvet cover because I’ve loved it so much! It seriously gets softer with each wash and it’s around $20 I can hardly get over it either but if you need a duvet cover, don’t sleep on this one! I love how affordable it is with the dog too because she loves to jump on the bed after getting muddy in the yard and I would never worry about replacing it. It also bleaches so nicely and is still so white a year later. We are moving the current queen duvet and cover to our guest bedroom and will use the new duvet and cover on the king size master!

3. This Portable Phone Charger

I love this so much I’ve bought it three times. I’ve gifted it and Pierce and I were fighting over it so much I bought him one too. It seriously is the best because you need no additional cords to charge the device or charge your phone. It has a lightening cable, USB-C and Micro-USB cord attached and plugs directly into the wall to charge. I also love that you can see how charged it is. It will charge my iPhone twice before I need to recharge it and it’s only $35.

4. These Gorgeous Fall Stems

I shared on my Instagram stories that these were on my wishlist for years and I finally pulled the trigger on them and couldn’t be happier. I would 100% buy them again they are so stunning in person and need zero fluffing they are naturally perfect and the quality is so pretty. They are such a gorgeous piece for fall! Shop other details in this photo here or below.

5. This Amazon Black Ruffle Top

I shared a Reel wearing this top and I’ve been wearing it on repeat lately! It’s so gorgeous for fall and makes a great transition piece. The puff sleeves and ruffle details are even prettier in person! I want it in another color and it’s around $50.

Shop this Full Post

That about wraps us up! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you ever have things you want to see more of on the blog, feel free to shoot me a DM or an email, I’d love to hear from you! 



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