My Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes on a Budget

Hey girl! 

I’m excited about today’s post because I’ve been keeping these a secret since early May when I assembled them! I wanted to make sure I asked all my bridesmaids before I shared how I asked my bridesmaids! 


Having been a bridesmaid myself four times already I know the value in getting a gift that’s really useful! I’ve gotten some really good things from my friends and wanted to combine a few ideas while making some of my own for this gift.

I have ten bridesmaids and also wanted to keep costs in mind given future gifts as well for the bachelorette and wedding day! 

Here is a cost breakdown of everything I used and how much it cost when I bought it. 

  • Bridesmaid Makeup Bags – $50 for ten 
  • Pink Can Coolers – $4.49 each $44.90 total 
  • Pink crinkle paper filler $6 
  • Printing – $10 

My toal costs brought me to $11 a girl which was incredible. I really wanted to give a personalized gift that was useful, personable and affordable! I am so happy with how this turned out and can’t wait to share the details.


I was a graphic design major in college and have always used different elements of my blog for creative energy. I knew when I was asking my bridesmaids I wanted the card to have a thought out written letter on the back thanking them for their friendship and telling them how much they mean to me! 

It felt like an extra personal touch that didn’t take that much more time. I designed the cards in Canva and did a basic design on the front and back customizing with each girls name and a favorite photo of us. 

One of the bridesmaid proposals for a wedding I was in had the saying on the front “I can’t say I do without you” so I used that in this design! 


I stole this idea from another wedding I was in but put my own spin on it. She had asked us using clear makeup bags and I use mine all the time. You can never have too many makeup bags everyone can use another one. I found these on Amazon and they came in a pack of ten which was perfect for my ten bridesmaids. 

Pierce’s mom was a kindergarten teacher before she retired last year and has a Cricut. I had no idea how to use one but luckily she not only owned one but helped me use it to create the customization on these! Having a Cricut for wedding planning is a game changer I am already thinking of more ways we could use it! 

I just used a basic font that was included in the basic library. We measured the bags before we printed on the Cricut. It was actually really easy once you got the hang of it. You’ll need Cricut vinyl, transfer tape, a cutting mat and these picking tools


I use our can coolers all the time in the summer to keep hard seltzers cold. If you don’t have one already, you are missing out! I knew I would love to give my girls one of these in their bridesmaid propsal boxes given how much use I know my friends and I get out of a few we have. 

I found these can coolers at Target on clearence for only $4.49 and knew I couldn’t pass them up! It was the cheapest I’ve ever seen them. I posted them the day I bought my ten and they have since sold out in this size and color. Amazon has a ton of good ones and I was going to buy from there if I hadn’t found the Target ones. 

Amazon Can Coolers


With how busy my friends schedules are, I wanted to solidify a bachelorette date as far in advance as possible to give people time to save money and plan. My sister and maid of honor is only 18 so I knew we were going to have to do Mexico for my bachelorette so she could attend all the events and be legal drinking age.

Luckily, all my friends kind of knew this before I asked them from previous conversations so I think everyone was excited and prepared for this! I know everyone might not be able to attend but still wanted to give as much notice as possible for such a big trip.  

I designed this card in Canva and used stickers for the graphics from Canva Pro. I also designed it so it could be rolled and placed in each can cooler with only the words PACK YOUR BAGS showing at the top! I thought it turned out so cute! 


I got this crinkle paper off Amazon and wanted to use it as filler for inside the bags. I placed the “pack your bags we are going to Mexico” card inside the can cooler and put it inside the makeup bag. Then each bag got their bridesmaid card. The makeup bag was able to zip closed with all the contents of the bags which made storing them and passing them out super easy. 

Bridesmaid Proposal Prodcuts Used

I think that’s everything! I was so excited to give these to my girls and can’t wait to introduce you to these incredible women in my life in a future blog post. They are truly the best and I’m so lucky to have them stand by my side on my wedding day! I was able to ask every girl but one in person so that’s why I spread it out over a few months! I wanted to do as many as possible in person. 

If you have any questions or want more details I might have left out let me know in my Instagram DMs I’m an open book! 



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