My Best Hacks for Seasonal Allergies

Tis’ the Season for allergies! 

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Fall brings out so many fun seasonal activities, pumpkin patches, hay rides, running through the leaves; and with all these outdoor activities allergies start to flare up. 

I don’t know what is in the air this year but my allergies have been really bad. I wake up most mornings not being able to breathe and my nose all stuffed up. I feel like if you deal with allergies you know how much of a hassle it can be on your everyday life.

Pierce never struggles with allergies and told me the other day to just stop taking medicine and just let it be. Can you imagine how horrible my allergies would be if I stopped doing nothing? I’m all about the intervention. Give me a hack, a trick anything to get relief. 

Disclaimer: I always have to give a disclaimer that this post is not medical advice and you should always talk to your doctor before giving yourself a medical diagnosis or certain medication. 

My Best Allergy Hacks 


My doctor gave me this hack and I can totally see how this would connect. If you are super brand loyal to Claritin and take it daily, try switching brands. Your body can get used to one certain kind of medication and it helps to switch it up!

I’ll alternate between Zyrtec, Claritin and Allerga every few months when my allergies start getting bad. I’ve really noticed that this does help so give it a try! It’s a simple OTC solution and can’t hurt. 


I was so anti-flonase for so long because I didn’t want to have to do the nose thing every day. When my allergies or I get sick get really bad I’ll do Afrin only for three days and I hate the feeling but it helps so much. I was scared that Flonase was going to feel like that but it totally doesn’t. It’s super gentle and it doesn’t hurt my sinuses or I feel like I taste it in my throat. 

The thing with Flonase is that you do have to use it for about three weeks in order for it to work. Consistency is key here. I’ll sometimes forget a day or two and that shouldn’t matter it’s when you miss a week you’ll notice it three weeks later. 


I am typically a wash your face once a day person and I prefer the night because it helps me takes off my makeup. When I wake up and my allergies are so bad I can’t breathe out of my nose I’ll wash my face and find that it really does help. If I come in from outside and am having trouble with my nose being stuffy, I’ll wash my face. I feel like it helps get off all the pollen or whatever that might be giving you a reaction. 


My Hacks for When You Get Sick 

Every now and then I do get sick from my seasonal allergies. I’ll start to get the stuffy nose that then turns into the sinus drip down my throat, then I’ll develop the sore throat which turns into the cough and the clogged ears. It’s the worst vicious cycle and makes me sad head colds are all connected to all areas of your head. 

Because I get sick like this once or twice a year, I’ve gotten some hacks down for combatting the common cold. 


A sore throat is my least favorite sickness from a head cold. It really does interfere with so much. When I find myself getting sick I’ll take this over the counter medicine. It has a cooling effect which feels so nice on your sore throat. I always opt for a liquid medicine when I have a sore throat vs a pill.

I recently found this sore throat spray that has a similar cooling effect but you can use it four times a day. I found it so helpful this last time I got sick. I also love these sore throat drops for in between medicine hours. 

I also try to drink lots of peppermint tea which is good for sore throats too! 


I opt for this decongestant which has a cough suppressant when I am sick. I am not the biggest NyQuil gal because I hate that NyQuil hangover you can get the next day. I find this decongestant clears my head and I am still able to sleep without that groggy next day hangover. 

I’ll also only use Afrin when I get really sick and just can’t do it anymore. It’s always my last resort and be sure if you use Afrin you never use it longer than three days. I always try to suffer through without it first.

Ok and this last one I really debated telling you. This whole post I am realizing is so funny and kinda gross but I feel like I have hacks I want to share! When you have that congestion drip in your throat don’t swallow the phlegm instead spit it out. I’ll leave a cup with a little water next to my bed at night. It’s so gross and again sorry TMI but it really does help because it gets it out and prevents the cough that is usually the side effect. 

AND OK on that note, we are going to end it here. I think that’s it. I really hate being sick and having allergies so I wanted to share a few things that really help me. What else are besties for?! What are some of your allergy hacks?! Leave them in the comments! 



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