Move in Weekend Recap & What I’ve Purchased for the New House

Hi friend! 

I am so excited to now be a Fort Worth resident! I wanted to give you a little recap of my move and share a few fun things I’ve purchased for the new house! 

Moving is always such a hassle. I was not looking forward to moving less than ten months after moving into my Dallas apartment. I have a slight overlap in my two leases and I jumped on the house in Fort Worth early because it was just too perfect to pass up. I am fine with paying double rent for the chance to have scored the perfect house! 

I am so psycho when it comes to moving hahah. I have a full post on all my best tips for moving in this post here, it includes my crazy spreadsheet on box labeling that you cannot miss. How to Move on a Budget & Tips for Getting Organized. 

Because this move was a little bit further than my last few moves, I wanted to find a moving company that really knew this stuff when it came to their customer loyalty and happiness. I came across Einstein Moving on  Instagram and was really impressed by their transparences in their pricing and their customer experience from the second I was in contact with them. 

Move In Weekend Recap 

Einstein Moving sent me a lengthy email with all the details of my move after booking. The email included packing tips, meet your movers and lots of key details all in once place. The week of my move they called me to confirm and called me the night before to give me their estimated start time. I also received a call when they were 30 minutes out on the day of! 

I was talking with my movers and one of them, Zach said that “moving is already stressful, we want to make your process painless on the day of so you have one less thing to worry about.” I just loved that this was the mentality of both the company and its employees. The end to end customer support is what impressed me the most! 

They also took such amazing care of my stuff! They took better care of my stuff than I do haha. They wrapped EVERYTHING in blankets and plastic wrap. All my furniture was well taken care of so nothing got damaged. I’ve worked with other moving companies where this is a service at an additional fee, at Einstein Moving this was included in their base price! I loved that there were no hidden fees. 

I was really overall impressed with the move and I would 1000% use Einstein Moving again for how supportive and nice they were in making my moving process as painless as possible.  

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It was a super busy weekend of unpacking and organizing. After we got settled into the new house on Friday I couldn’t even imagine unpacking haha. I ended up doing most of the work on Saturday and Sunday. I always find it is so much faster to unpack than it is to pack.

My parents were in town this weekend and helped a LOT on organizing my kitchen and landscaping outside. The yard I don’t think has been maintained in 10 years it is super overgrown so my dad and Pierce have been loving getting back there and cleaning it up! 

Because I’ve practically tripled my square footage in the new house, there was a LOT of things I needed to buy to help fill and organize the space. There is still a lot that needs to be purchased, but I’m trying to take it one day at a time because it just doesn’t financially make sense to jump into everything all at once. Building a house with furniture takes time so I’m trying to focus on things by priority first! 


What I’ve Purchased for the New House 

One of the things I was most excited for was getting a new king size bed! I have a guest bedroom/office space at the new house so my old queen bed went in there and I purchased a new kind size bed. I luckily scored the mattress on a President’s Day sale! Here is the bed frame I decided on and I love how it turned out. The color is really pretty and it complements the space nicely. 

I also ordered the same Amazon sheets I had on my queen bed in the king size. These are the BEST sheets for the best price. I also grabbed this Amazon quilt to throw at the end of the bed and used my same blanket from my old bed that was a queen size on top of the sheets! I still need to get some more Euro throw pillows and king size sleeping pillows. My old pillows look so tiny on the bed now HAHA but it will work for now. 

I also have this huge mudroom and laundry room where I’ve put Miller’s dog crate and am using it for storage and as a butlers pantry! I’m excited to have a space to store all my appliances because I hate having appliances taking up space on the kitchen counter. I found this shelf, this buffet and this on Facebook Marketplace for $200 and was able to furnish that whole back room with extra storage. It’s been nice to have a place for all the excess stuff to go! This was one of the rooms I was the most excited about. 

I also wanted to invest some money into home security! I wanted a Ring Doorbell and saw Amazon makes a cheaper version called Blink so I grabbed that one instead. I also grabbed a few security cameras and solar panel motion sensor lights

For the kitchen, I eventually want to get some sort of counter height breakfast table. I love my counter stools and want to find some sort of table where I don’t have to give them up! I also grabbed this kitchen cart to help with extra storage, there isn’t counter space next to my stove so I wanted something to place a spoon and olive oii, etc. when cooking! 

I also ordered this extra large area rug for my bedroom but I might end up putting it in the dining room once I get a new dining table eventually. There is a big dining space and I’m excited to get something bigger than my small breakfast table. I loved the price on this rug it’s $300 for a 7×10 rug which is so affordable for a rug this size! 

I think that about covers what I’ve purchased so far. I also grabbed this antique buffet table off Facebook Marketplace I plan to paint and share soon! 

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Mills says welcome home! 

It’s been fun putting the house together but it’s also been a lot of work. I’ve been enjoying settling into the new house and am so glad it’s all over now. I loved being able to work with Einstein Moving and I would 100% recommend them for any of your future move needs! 



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