Mother’s Day Gifts Hand Picked By My Mom, 2022


Everyone’s favorite post is back again this year! My mom wrote this same post with different gifts last year and it was one of my top 10 most read posts of the year! 

I love asking my mom to write this post every year for two reasons. She is a very simple gal when it comes to things she loves and if she loves something, she really stands by it and is all in #1 fan. She also has everything and is extremely picky and hard to shop for. Recommendations from her mean the absolute MOST because of how particular she is about things she loves (and she has it all). 

It’s easier for her to write this post then guess what I think moms really want for Mother’s Day. A robe and a pair of slippers can only go so far when my mom is thinking of actual things she uses and loves! 

I love any excuse to spoil my sweet mama! She is the kindest human and I am so lucky to be her daughter. These are gift ideas my mom swears by and loves and are all picked straight by her and I’m so glad she got to make a guest appearance on the blog today. 

Kath’s Mother’s Day Picks

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener


“You set it and forget it! It opens your can seamlessly and it takes up no space. No more splattering around with liquid spilling over the can. No more wrestling with the can opener! Everyone needs one of these!”

Lightweight Recovery Flip-Flop Sandal


“These are the most comfortable flip flops and shoes I own! The shoe is like a cushion. I have heel pain and these are great. A lot of runners love these too so you know they’re good!”

Outdoor Voices Tennis Dress


“Zo got me hooked on this one and I love it! I just got it in my favorite color purple! It’s so versatile you can dress it up with a Jean jacket and sandals or down wear it to go hiking or errands with sneakers! It’s the perfect everyday dress!”

Duckdive Full Zip Wetsuit Jacket


“Insulated breathable all way stretch wet suit for that spring swim when snorkeling in the water! I hate being cold so this is a must for me”

2ct Cubic Zirconia Earrings


“They look real and they’re not and when I lose them, I don’t stress about it. Super comfortable, they never hurt my ears and I sometimes even sleep in them! I wear these over my real diamonds hands down.”

Apple Watch


“I can talk like Dick Tracy to answer texts from my kids and answer phone calls. I like that it keeps track of my fitness. It’s an extravagant convivence”

Thanks for stopping by and reading all the recs from my mama! It’s always so fun putting this together with her every year! 


   Zoe & Kath

Gifts not in the budget this year?

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