Most Loved Blog Posts of 2020

Hi friend! 

The most loved, most views and clicked blog posts of 2020 chosen straight by YOU. 

I always love to dig deep into my analytics at the end of a year. I spend hours perusing over my site and finding out what did well, what didn’t and what posts SEO really loved this year.

I think the industry of blogging has evolved so much over the years that having a specific site to view all your posts isn’t necessary to have a blog anymore (even though it is super valuable in my opinion). The truth lies in the analytics and you’ll always be able to dive deeper into those on a website than an Instagram page. Having a blog website is so important to me one, because I love long form content and getting to share all the things with you and two, SEO. Some of my most popular posts are from 2019 because they have been around long enough for them to become commonly stumbled upon posts year after year. The internet isn’t going anywhere and lot of people who find my blog find it through a Google search. 

I really wanted to thank you for reading my blog this year. Seriously you have no idea how much it means to me that you are here and reading the things I write and put out there. I really feel like I learned a lot about my blog and the direction I want to take it this year. I found my footing and I think it showed in how popular each blog post I wrote was this year. I talk more about this in my YouTube video on goal setting here.

So thank you for being here reading and caring what I have to say. None of this would work or be possible without you! Let’s get to the good stuff.

Note: I am not including any of my holiday posts, gift guides, Sephora sales, Amazon Prime day posts as those are some of my most popular posts year after year. 


10. How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship with your BFF 

First, let me just say thank you for loving on my friends. I love being able to make my friends part of the blog. One of the things I feel isn’t talked about enough is how to be a good friend. I love that I’m able to draw on my relationships with my friends to give you advice on how to be a better friend! This post is all about that friend that moves away and suddenly you haven’t talked in 3 months. I’m giving you realist tips on how to keep those long distance friendships flourishing! 


9. 5 Ways to Wear Your Hair in the Summer 

If you watch my stories, you know most days my hair is up and out of my face. Few things annoy me more than hair in my face I would rather just have it up and away. I have gotten pretty creative on how to wear my hair to create easy and versatile everyday styles. I also did a YouTube video to show you tutorials on how to recreate these styles. 

L I F E S T Y L E   &   B E A U T Y

8. Six Totally Realistic Ways I’m Making My Bathroom More Sustainable

Sustainability is super important to me. But when you’re already struggling to make ends meat in your 20’s sustainability can take a back seat because just like the grocery store it always costs more to be healthier/sustainable. I am sharing 6 totally realistic ways to make your bathroom more sustainable that are cost effective and not sacrificing on efficiencies.


7. Your Best Acne Recommendations 

I experienced more stress and anxiety this year than I have in a long time. My skin showed it with nasty breakouts and I went straight to YOU to ask for your best acne tips. I’ve totally managed my breakouts since writing this post and these tips helped so much! 


6. A Weekend in Scottsdale 

My first (and only) travel guide of 2020. I went to Scottsdale with my girlfriends in the beginning of February and it was the best gals weekend. I am DYING to go back after the year we have all had. Nothing sounds better than sunshine and poolside margs am I right?! I’m sharing everything on getting there, way to play, where to stay, eat and much, much more! 


5. How to Wear Men’s Sweaters 

I have been sneaking into my Dad’s closet to steal his sweaters for as long as I can remember! Girls sweaters just aren’t as warm and cozy as the guys sweaters. I’m telling you start shopping your man’s closet and you’ll be cozy all winter long! 

L I F E S T Y L E 

4. What Mom Really Wants this Mother’s Day 

My mom is the hardest person to shop for. Her love language is also words of affirmation so I knew I had to get creative when I was giving her a gift this year! I loved that this post did so well because I sure do love my sweet mama! She is the best there is and sometimes all mom’s really want is to be told 3 simple words! 


3. Fall Loungewear Under $30

2020 the year of loungewear. It was no surprise to me that this post was one of my most loved because of how much loungewear I purchased alone this year. I love good cozy pieces but am strongly against spending a small fortune. I plan to make this post a seasonal one as it was so successful this year! 

B E A U T Y 

2. How to Layer Your Skincare Products 

I wrote this post after all my friends would text me asking what time of day a product goes on? Can you mix this and that? I knew this was something that people struggled with. It was something I was really confused on when I started my skincare journey. I wanted to write a post that really made it easy to figure out what goes on when and in what order you should be layering your products. 


1. How to Meet Friends in a New City 

You have no idea how happy it makes me that this is my most loved post of the year. My heart and soul went into writing this post. I know first hand how challenging, scary and exciting it is to move to a new city. I know how hard it can be to branch out of old friend groups. I wanted to give you resources and tools on how to make friends in a new city as an adult because it ain’t easy. But it is possible! I loved getting to interview my friends for this post and I so appreciate everything they did to make this post possible. I have many more posts of this nature coming in 2021. The ideas are just swarming. 

That’s a wrap on 2020! Thanks for being here and loving on this little space of mine. Couldn’t do it without YOU! Here’s to 2021!



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