Morning’s with Tula: My Daily Favorites

Hey girlfriend! 

I have been a long time fan of Tula. I used them for a long time before I even started working with them. Tula products have been part of my morning routine for awhile and I wanted to share some of my daily favorites. I prefer to use Tula in the morning’s vs as night. I still use a few products at night but for the most part, the majority of their products I use in the mornings mainly because so many of their products leave your skin feeling so fresh and always just wakes me up! 

Why Tula?

I am sure you have seen influencers and bloggers alike promoting Tula on social media. While yes Tula is heavily involved with sponsorships, their products do work and truly are as amazing as you’ve heard. I’ve turned so many of my friends and my little sister onto Tula and they even said they were hesitant to try it because of all the hype surrounding the brand. I know there are things that can be so overhyped on Instagram, but I promise Tula is the real stinkin’ deal. I’ve been a fan for a long time and we all know how much of a skincare junkie I am 😉 

Also I wanted to point out something, Tula never requires their influencers to post about something. So if I’m not a fan of a certain product, you won’t see me posting about it. I would never recommend a brand or product that I wouldn’t tell my sister or best friend to also try. You are all my best girlfriends and I wouldn’t steer you wrong! 

My Favorites 


I’ll start with my ride or die product because it is truly one of my all time faves! The eye balm. Yes it’s amazing. This eye balm gives you the prettiest most natural glow. I’ve never seen another product quite like it. The hyaluronic acid eye balm (hyaluronic acid – molecule that your body naturally makes to help bind water to the skin leaving your skin looking plump and full) is one of Tula’s signature products and they have since released two additional balms. The blue balm will forever remain my favorite even though I do like all three balms for different purposes. 

My Personal Balm’s Review

Blue: I use this in the mornings, this is literally the first thing I want to touch my face. I use it under my eyes and on my eye lids. It just wakes me up. It’s so minty fresh! 

Pink: I use this during the day on my cheek bones and temple and under the wing of the eyes to give a mid day pick me up and glow. This color gives the prettiest glow! In my opinion, it doesn’t have that minty freshness that the blue balm does although it does contain all the same ingredients + additional benefits such as rosehip oil & rosewater to help tone & nourish skin. I also use the pink to set my highlighter when wearing makeup, I find it helps the powder stick better and also gives off a pretty dewy glow. 

Orange: This is my least favorite of the three, although I do love the smaller applicator, the orange color does not work super well with my fair skin. I think this color looks beautiful on olive tone skin but it’s a little too much contract for me. However, I do use this when wearing makeup and tan as a way to set my eye shadow and give me a glow under it. 

What I love about the Tula eye balm’s is that it meets so many purposes. I use all three of the balms but for different purposes dependent on their color. 

The eye balm in addition to hyaluronic acid contains other nourishing ingredients such as probiotics, caffeine (amazing for morning’s), aloe water, apple and watermelon. 


This was one of the first products I bought and tried from Tula. I was instantly hooked! This is the best lightweight moisturizer. It is my #1 daily moisturizer for normal to oily skin. When my skin is drier I like to use a more thick moisturizer but this one is so lightweight it is perfect for every day! 

You know when you sometimes put lotion or a moisturizer on and you have to keep rubbing it into your skin because it’s so oily and just feels like your skin isn’t even absorbing the ingredients? Yeah, this is nothing like that. Which I find so hard to find in a lightweight moisturizer. This stuff is the real deal! 

In the winter I love to use this in the mornings because I find my skin to still be super hydrated from the night before and this is a perfect daily moisturizer. I was so glad when I found out they just supersized it! They released a new supersized version this past December and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I love how it looks on my counter the pretty iridescent pearly white color! 


This is one of Tula’s newest products and I was so excited to try it! I always test a product for at least two weeks before I share my thoughts. This allows me to be a resource to you as a consumer for you and to share how my skin responded to the product. 

A toner is a great thing to add to your skincare routine because it picks up any leftover dirt or grime that your face wash might have missed. I use a toner at night after I wash my face and in the mornings as well but I do skip my face wash in the mornings. I find my skin can get too dry if I wash twice a day. A toner pad is great because it takes off any product leftover from the night before and set the PH of your face for your morning routine. 

Toner’s are great for helping shrink your pore size. By cleaning out the dirt it allows your pores to shrink. These toner pads also contain lactic acid & PHA which help to clean pores and improve overall skin texture. 

Why I love these toner pads even MORE is because they are completely a sustainable beauty solution. The pads are biodegradable and made from bamboo fibers! I love that Tula took the measures to make this product sustainable and would be a deal breaker for me when purchasing over other brands. 

My favorite ingredient in this product is the witch hazel (this just helps tighten up those pores) and the mint leaf! You know by now that I am here for anything that leaves my skin feeling minty fresh. That’s why I love to use these pads in the morning because it just wakes up up and energizes your skin. 

I have been beyond impressed with this product and it is one of my favorite Tula products to date!  

Shop My Tula Favorites

I have been a big fan of Tula for years and couldn’t be happier to be finally working with them! It was one of my dream collaborations a year ago and I’ve loved watching this company grow! I talked about Tula in one of my first skincare posts a year ago so I’ve been raving about them long before I was working with them. You can get 15% off site wide at Tula with my code STYLEDZEBRA.

*This post contains affiliate links where I make a small commission through you purchasing products from the site through my links. 

Morning skincare is super super important to me! I think people can sometimes skip out on their morning skincare routine so I wanted to share a post that focused on tangible morning products I use in my routine! I also use the Tula sunscreen in the mornings. Sunscreen is so important and should be worn daily! It is one of my favorite products as well it smells so good and doesn’t feel like a sunscreen at all. 



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