Maskne: Tips for Caring For Your Skin Under the Mask

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Well, well, well, Texas just announced that masks are no longer mandatory. I believe it will still be required per establishment so even though mandates may be lifting, masks aren’t going anywhere. I wanted to finally write this post I’ve had swarming in my mind for a few months on maskne. 

Maskne if you aren’t familiar with the term, is any acne derived from wearing a face mask consistently. I praise all the doctors and nurses who have been struggling with this for years!! Y’all are the true superheroes for so many reasons. If you have experienced maskne it can be super frustrating especially if you have sensitive skin with frequent breakouts. 

There are a few tips I have found really help me fight maskne and I wanted to share them to hopefully be a resource for you if you are also struggling with face mask acne. 


If you have never owned a silk mask you are truly missing out! They are so soft and feel amazing on your skin. Just like using a silk pillowcase at night there are so many benefits to wearing a silk mask. The fabric is more gentle on your face which leaves to less irritation and unnecessary rubbing. 

My favorite silk mask is this one. I love that it has adjustable ear straps so the loops are never too tight on your face. It comes in so many colors too! 


No matter if you use silk or cloth masks you need to be washing them after each use. I am a huge believer in single use masks regardless of mask type. Typical detergent can contain harsh perfumes that can actually make your maskne worse! 

I would recommend washing your mask with the same cleanser you use on your face. I have been washing my silk face mask with my Tula cleanser for months and it still remains silky soft. It also does a great job of taking any makeup out of the silk. I find when I wear my face mask after having washed it with my cleanser, I feel cleaner and my skin is way less irritated which leads to less maskne! 


For some people a cloth or silk mask just isn’t going to cut it for a variety of reasons. For me, my lifestyle just wasn’t allowing me to wash my mask after each use. If I continued wearing my mask multiple times I found I was struggling with acne even more. 

I skipped to single use face masks and I’ve seen such a difference. I got these ones on Amazon and I really like the all black. They look better than the blue that screams PPE/hospital setting. These are great to wear with any outfit and transfer nicely from athletic wear to dinner outfits. 

I know they aren’t the most sustainable option, but I do my part by cutting the strings off before tossing them in the trash can. 

I will say that even though I love the single use masks for daily use, if I am flying or need to be in a mask for more than 3 hours then I always use my silk mask! I find for a long period of time it is not only more breathable but also more comfortable and better for my skin! 


One of the many benefits to masks is that they keep your face warm in the cold and no one can tell you don’t have any makeup on or a giant pimple above your left lip. If my skin is really having a flare up and I know I won’t need to take my mask off at my destination like a grocery store run, I’ll keep my pimples covered! I’ll apply an antibiotic ointment to treat the pimple how I typically would at night and keep it on my face under my mask. This allows the pimple to have a little barrier instead of further rubbing on the mask AND no one will ever know! 😉 


This may sound gross but think about the intent of your mask, it’s to keep your breath/germs contained from spreading to others. You are essentially breathing your own breath and all the germs in your mouth fill up your mask and land on your skin. This can further cause irritation especially if a mask is being worn for an extended period of time. 

This is a super easy fix! Just brush your teeth before. Try to keep your mouth and your breath as squeaky clean as possible before wearing your mask for an extended period of time to avoid the germs from your mouth taking root on your skin. Also, proper hygiene is a good thing and can’t hurt! 😉 


If possible, wear makeup less when wearing your mask. One of the reasons we get acne under the mask is because our pores are getting clogged and not getting enough air. Don’t further clog up your pores with loads of makeup. If you are able to try to spend less time wearing makeup under the mask! Especially if you plan to be wearing your mask for hours on end, nurses I’m looking at you!! 


This should really go without saying but I’ll leave you with my solid advice for treating maskne, wash your face!! If you are struggling with maskne, having a good foundation of skincare will set you up for success when your wearing a mask. 

I would recommend focusing on acne cleansers and pore clearing products. Like I said earlier, the biggest reason we get maskne is because our pores are being clogged. By exfoliating and using products that dig dirt and grime out from under your pores, you’re cleaning your face to hopefully help prevent acne.  

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Fighting acne is never fun, I always like to end any sort of acne skincare post with one final message. You are beautiful. With the acne, without it, you are so internally beautiful and I hope you never forget that! I know fighting acne is really tough but please never let it define who you are! Life is too short to let a little pimple determine who we truly are!



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