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Viva Las Vegas

Welcome to the Bach Series! Las Vegas Edition. 

Welcome to the Bach Series! I wanted to find a way to capture the fun bachelorette’s I have coming up for my sweet friends in this next season of life while also being a resource and guide for popular destinations. This review is solely from my experience at this destination as a bachelorette trip and less as a travel guide for a normal trip. I also always want to point out the lovely maid of honor who went into the planning of this trip and I am covering it as an attendee!


I love writing travel guides. They take a LOT of work but I do think they are so helpful and I know they can be a great resource when planning a trip. Bachelorette’s are really their own type of trip. Planning a trip for a big group of girls to a destination you might not have been to is nerve-wracking and a bit stressful. Hopefully, through the bach series I can be a resource to a maid of honor planning a trip, a bride deciding on her destination and every bridesmaid in between! Ok, let’s get started on today’s post, Las Vegas! 

Why Vegas?

Las Vegas is for the bride who loves to party! There is nothing quite like Vegas and it’s for the bride who loves to have fun and always down for no sleep and non stop adventure. Vegas is also super walkable so it makes getting around really easy! It’s a great place for big groups and Vegas loves to accommodate for big parties! 

Getting There

Vegas flights are usually really affordable. Lucky for us and dealing with certain ~pAnd3mic ~ Vegas is a pretty popular spot right now since international travel is a no-go, so our flights were NOT cheap. I tracked them for months and finally just bit the bullet on points and booked them. I use the Hopper app to track flights but be careful when frequently searching flights, use an incognito browser so the airlines don’t see the search increase and raise the prices. 


Vegas is pretty expensive once you’re there and usually hotel and flights are what is cheap. However, if you are a girl, Vegas is practically free. It’s a very casual no questions asked ‘here’s a drink, see ya’ type of vibe. If you’re a big bachelorette party even better haha. I spent most my money on dinners and drinks by the day we spent at the hotel pool but I didn’t spend any money when I was out at night and you shouldn’t have to either. 

I will say drinks are crazy expensive. Like $25+ for a cocktail and don’t even ask for bottled water it will be insanely expensive. Your best bet is to either strategically get your drinks paid for or have a really fun pregame because chances are you won’t be buying constant $25 cocktails all night long. 

Where to Stay

You will absolutely want to be on the Strip so I wouldn’t recommend the Airbnb route. You’ll want to get a hotel that is right on the strip there are thousands so pick one that fits your price range. We stayed at the Cosmopolitan but other’s I’ve stayed at or have heard great things about are the Aria or the Venetian. 

Pro Tip: Call ahead and try to get connecting rooms or rooms on the same floor to make life easier. 

Where to Eat 

Honestly, if you do Vegas right, you won’t plan your trip around your meals. Don’t get me wrong, Vegas has amazing food. But for a big bachelorette party, the last thing on your mind post pool party before going out is where to sit down for a nice dinner. 

I didn’t make it out to Vegas until Friday afternoon and the majority of the girls flew in on Thursday which was a more low key night. They scored a last minute reservation at Catch which I heard is amazing but I’ve also heard they book three months out and this was incredible luck. So just be aware if you want a big reservation for a large group you might be calling around for awhile. 

It’s not a bad idea to have a few backup reservations here and there but our group found the most benefit by doing dinner on our own at the hotel while getting ready. 

The Cosmo has a ton of restaurants right in the hotel that we frequented. We also did this for easy breakfasts as everyone is waking up at different times. Here are a few we saw and ate at! You can see a full list here

  • Eggslut – The line for this was out the door and down the hall Saturday morning but I have eaten here on a past Vegas trip and it’s incredible. Worth the wait for sure! 
  • District – We ended up eating here for breakfast since the line was shorter. I got a breakfast burrito!
  • Wicked Spoon – I was looking at the menu and it looks really good. A lot of the restaurants in the hotel we heard you can just walk into and be seated they don’t take reservations. 
  • STK – A few from our group ate here and said it was really good! Think American and steaks. 
  • Hattie B’s Hot Chicken – I’ve eaten at the one in Nashville and its amazing. This was a walk up and order type deal so might be a good quick option. 
  • Secret Pizza – This is where we picked up pizza before going out Friday night. It’s kind of hard to find but it’s on the third floor off the elevators there’s no sign so just ask for pizza if you get lost. It was such a cheap way to feed our hotel room and it was so yummy! 

Pool Party Scene 

Vegas is known for it’s pool parties and there are a lot of options so you won’t be disappointed! There are always artists and DJ’s playing around so try and follow where they are playing! 

  • Wet Republic – Located at the MGM Grand, We Republic is a popular and always packed. We had a table here and were out of the way of the main pool.
  • Marquee Dayclub – If you stay at the Cosmo, this is located inside it so makes it super convenient to get to! 
  • Encore Beach Club – I haven’t been to this one but have seen picture’s they have really cute umbrellas which always makes for cute pics. 


Show Scene 

Vegas is known for their shows and they do not disappoint! This was such a fun thing to do together as a group. We saw the Jonas Brothers who happened to be in town the weekend we were there. I know a lot of other artists have permanent residences in Vegas such as Usher. 

Interactive Show 

It’s so fun at a bachelorette to go see a “Magic Mike” type of show in Vegas. We went to see Thunder From Down Under and it was so much fun. The guys are all Australian and are so cute and fun. 

  • Magic Mike – Magic Mike is actually in Vegas and you can see that show. It’s a bigger audience as it’s more popular. 
  • Chippendales – Another popular option!

You also can’t go wrong with seeing an acobatic show! My parents always rave about “O” by Cirque du Soleil.

Night Life 

There are always fun things to do at night in Vegas. We spent some time out at night clubs and other times gamboling at casinos. Our bride Kennedy is a pro at anything games and was living her best life on the strip! 

Hakassan – We got a table and bottle service at Hakassan and had so much fun! Little John was playing that night and we got to get close to his entrance performance which was fun. This club was defitinley popular and we had a good time. 

OMNIA – I had been to Omnia once before on my college senior year trip to Vegas and it was very similar to Hakassan. So tip, just go where you can get a table. 

Swag, Goodies & Decor 

Kennedy has the best party planning committee and I know a lot of her bridesmaids and maid of honors did work to make this trip and these goodies happen. I always like to say I am sharing this as a resource and not taking credit for any of this. 

We had the cutest wall setup in the bride’s hotel room we could take pictures by before going out. We used Celebrations by Karley who came and set and took down everything. I know the starting cost is $265 that includes delivery and installation but you can contact her for a quote if you are interested. We absolutely loved it and it was the perfect backdrop for all our photos! 

Shop Our Goodies 

What I’d Wear to Vegas 

As a Bride

In the Bridal Party 

Meet the Bride! 

Kennedy soon-to-be ZANG! 

Kennedy and I actually met freshman year of college at TCU. We knew each other before we knew either of our boys but it was them who brought us closer together. Pierce (my boyfriend) and Tanner (Kennedy’s soon-to-be-hubby) are best friends and have known each other since elementary school. Pierce and I were dating when Tanner started bringing Kennedy around and we instantly clicked having already known each other just never in the same friend group.

Kennedy is truly the most hilarious, easy going, down for anything person I’ve ever met. She is the first to bring the group together for a game and is contently pranking Tanner (and even Pierce, she recently tried to fill his toothpaste with sunscreen) which results in the most hilarious memories.  I’m so lucky to call her one of my best friends! I can’t wait to be life long friends with her and raise kids beside her someday. Cheers to the most laid back bride who made Vegas the best experience! Love you Kenn! 

I can’t wait for this party to continue in October for Kennedy’s wedding. Vegas was so much fun and I 100% needed that Monday off post the trip to SLEEP. So pro-tip you won’t sleep there but you’ll need Monday to recover. See you next time!! Any guesses where my next bachelorette is?! It’s in March! 



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