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I’m so thrilled to finally be getting some home decor blog posts up for the new house. It’s been a long time coming! I moved to Fort Worth back in February and almost trippled my square footage from my Dallas apartment. The house needed a LOT of furniture and I had to slowly add to my collection. No room is 100% done to my liking. It all just takes so much time! 

I have a running list of everything I eventually want and every month pick a few things to purchase off the list. It slowly feels like it is all coming together. Furniture is ovbiously the biggest investment and really needed to come first in order to make the space feel liveable. 

This breakfast nook table was the last furniture item I needed! YAY! There is still one cabinet I’d love to have in the dining room to display pretty glassware, but its not 100% necessary right now so I’m really considering this breakfast table the last thing I absolutely needed. 

This little nook is right off my kitchen and next to my mega laundry room and bulters pantry. I have a pretty small galley kitchen that has been a major labor of love! 

I plan to reveal the kitchen in the next few months but for now, this little nook is finally finished and ready to share. I wanted a table here because it is a big enough space that it needed something but not big enough for a full dining table. 

I have a formal dining room, so I really just needed something small. I had these two barstools from my previous apartment where I had an island and I just absolutely LOVE them. They are counter height and in my new house I had no need for them because I have a galley kitchen with no island or counter for barstools. 

I decided to repurpose them with a breakfast table but it was really tricky for me to find the right table. Initally I was envisioning something square or rectangle that would stick out with chairs on eithre side. I wasn’t even thinking of a circle table until I came across it one day. It couldn’t be more perfect for the space! 

I love that it can easily become a full circle table if Pierce and I wanted to have a meal here or it can be like shown in a semi circle with one side up. There’s still pleanty of room for two people to sit here comfortably!

I also love that this table had storage underneath for glasswear. I just love the look of pretty glasswear like white serving bowls and wine glasses on display instead of tucked away in cabinets. 

This space is also multi-functional in that it can act as another food prep space since I’m limited on kitchen counter space as it is. I have been loving sitting here in the mornings watching Miller play outside or take some afternoon calls here! 

I love creating really functional and practical spaces and this just has to be my new favorite! What part of the house do you want to see next!? The guest bedroom is my next project but boy does it need some love! 



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