July Favorites: Bestsellers & What I’ve Been Loving On

Bye, Bye July! 

Welcome to July’s monthly recap where I share all the posts you might have missed and what all my current favorites are. 

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Oh July, where did you go?! Pierce and I were talking this weekend that it feels like summer is over before it even began. We have been on the MOVE this summer and our schedule has been packed with lots of fun weekend plans. The past two weeks of July we got to really relax and it was so nice to enjoy time with our friends and weekends at home being lazy by the pool. 

Pierce and I started off July with a trip home to see my family for the fourth of July. We got to spend a great weekend at my parents house in Maryland and enjoyed crabs, boating and too many games of pickleball to count! 

My dad and sister came to visit the next weekend because my sister had TCU freshman orientation so they spent a day in Dallas with us! We got to take them to Katy Trail Ice House, Uchi for dinner and spent time at the Mariott Dallas Uptown pool (highly recommend this hotel!). 

We spent a few weekends in Fort Worth with our friends who just recently bought a house. We enjoyed sushi dinners at our favorite resturant in FTW and nights watching way too much Love Island. 

Pierce, Miller and I also spent a night at the Kimpton Harper Hotel in Fort Worth! It was the cutest hotel and we absolutely loved that they were so pup friendly. 

Quick Faves of the Month 

Favorite Song: Come Over – Coleman Hall 

Favorite Show: Love Island or OBX2 (binged in 2 days) 

Favorite Book: Get the F** Out of the Sun – Lauryn Bostick 

Favorite Drink: Iced Tea Unsweet with Extra Lemon 

Favorite Meal of the Month: Uchii with my dad, sis, and Pierce

Favorite Memory: Fourth of July in Maryland with my fam & Pierce 

This Month on the Blog

JULY 7, 2021 

What I’ve Bought for My New Apartment 

The most popular post of the month! You love a good home decor update which makes me so happy! I love sharing my sweet little home with you. I snagged these accent chairs and this gorgeous rug you see in this photo. I’m also sharing my dining nook here and how I design and plan out a space. 

JULY 14, 2021 

June Favorites: Amazon Purchases & What I’ve Been Loving On

Missed out on all things from June? Here is your update just like this post that includes posts on my honest Fashion Pass review and why I cancelled my subscription, tips for raising a puppy in a city and how to consume less to focus on what makes you happy & more!

JULY 19, 2021 

How Much Sunscreen to Use & What Kind is Really Enough Protection

No this isn’t another post on why you should be wearing sunscreen, we are talking about what kind of sunscreen you should be using when. Yes, there are different forms of sunscreen and not all forms are always equal. First we’ll dive into how sunscreen works so you can learn how it’s actually protecting you. 

JULY 21, 2021 

Affordable Summer Staples From Target + What I Look For When Purhcasing Basics

Finding the perfect kind of bascis for your wardrobe is super important because they lay the foundation for how your closet works. In this post, I’m sharing affordable summer basics from Target that you’re sure to build your wardrobe around. 

JULY 26, 2021 

Fort Worth Kimpton Hotel + Downtown Fort Worth Things To-Do

I’m sharing all the details from our stay at the Kimpton Harper Hotel. This adorable botique hotel is decorated with the rustic tunes of Downtown Fort Worth and the fact that they are pup friendly is sure to meet all your expectations! 

This Month on YouTube

Click on a video to watch! 

JULY 8, 2021 

Skincare Products That Didn’t Do It For Me

JULY 15, 2021 

Cleaning Hacks to Make Life Easier! Speed Clean With Me + Time Saving Cleaning Tips 

JULY 23, 2021 

A Few Days in My Life // Opening Packages + Get Ready with Me

JULY 23, 2021 

Week in the Life of a Dog Mom // Emergency Vet Visit, Dog Playdate & Chewy Unboxing

Your July Favorite’s 


These were one of my favorites for the month and I feel like every time I did laundry I was washing these. They are so comfortable!


This tennis dress was your #1 favorite and it was up there of mine too! It is so comfy and this brand is the BEST! Worth the price point. 


This is the best blanket it’s better than the real thing and so soft. Pierce and I fight over who gets to use this one. 


The best dry shampoo for your hair. It has only two natural ingredients. No more chemicals! 

What I’ve Been Loving on in July

Popcorn! It’s no secret this household loves popcorn. Pierce and I make popcorn so much Miller hears the kernels being poured and freaks out. I’ve been loving this collapsible bowl I got on Amazon that makes popcorn from kernels in seconds. It is so easy to store so great for small living spaces. I think it makes the best popcorn! I’ll swirl some high quality olive oil on it with flakey sea salt and it’s golden. I make it almost every night! It’s such an easy low calorie snack. 

This Water Tumbler I used to have a smaller size of this tumbler and I finally upgraded to the 32 ounce one. In this Texas heat, I drink so much water and it can go warm so quickly without an insulated tumbler. I love the price point of this one and it is so comparable to the Yeti one in the smaller size I was using before and I love that I don’t have to fill it up as often. 

The Sunshine Weather Not everyone is a fan of the Texas heat, and I’ll admit that I defitinley have my moments with it. But to me, there is nothing better than walking outside and feeling the warm sun on your shoulders. It just makes me feel so alive. My sister stayed with me one night this month before Frog Camp and her flight landed super late and when I picked her up she said, “wow the weather is so nice it’s still so warm out.” Texas nights are truly the best (in my opinion you Texas heat haters 😉 and I love how you don’t have to bundle up with a sweatshirt once the sun goes down like I do back home. 

My new necklace I didn’t need and now own & love.   I defitinley impulsively bought this necklace last month but it came and I was so happy with the purchase. I really wanted something that I could wear everyday and not worry about tarnishing or turning my skin a green color. This one is gold plated and I spray it with sunscreen, wear in the shower and never take off. It goes perfectly with my other necklace I always wear! 

These Fort Worth Pajamas. When we stayed at the Kimpton Harper Hotel all the influencers were gifted these Fort Worth inspired pajamasI seriously almost cried when I saw them. They have all my favorite parts of Fort Worth Horned Frogs (I went to TCU), cowboys, the Stockyards. Fort Worth will always hold such a special place in my heart and these pajamas are the perfect reminder of a city I love so dearly. 

That’s all for now friend! Talk soon! xx 



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