Jacket Review: My Favorite Coats to Wear from Season to Season

Hi friend! 

I mentioned on my stories last week that I have a serious jacket problem. More than any other clothing or accessory jackets are just my thing. I will never say I have too many jackets and always have my eye on grabbing at least three additional ones at all times. 

I truly wear all my jackets and some days wear up to four jackets in the same day. Some would call this a problem or an obsession but I refer to it more as a healthy addiction. I hate being cold and love when my jacket meets the temperature perfectly. 

Since getting Miller and with my current work from home situation, I find myself running outside to either walk or let her out multiple times a day. I always grab a new jacket depending on the temperature which is probably why my chairs always have a strew of jackets laid over them. 

I’ve added a few new jackets to my collection this year (shocker) and wanted to round up the ones I pull for and wear on a routine basis.


I grabbed this jacket last fall in anticipation for day drinking and casual outings. I didn’t have a ton of puffers in my closet at the time and wanted a casual jacket that was still super warm for afternoon outings. I was so surprised at how WARM this jacket is. It’s so cozy and truly keeps you so warm. It’s cut short so it looks great with high waisted jeans or leggings and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I would grab this in another color solely because of how much I’ve worn it this year!


I’ve had this jacket for years and would recommend everyone own one. It is the perfect sport and everyday jacket. What I love about it is that it packs super well and is great for traveling. It is so warm for how lightweight it is and I find myself wearing this mostly on dog walks and when running errands. I’ve worn it under my ski coat on a super cold ski day and it just has so many uses and purposes I can’t recommend it enough. 


This coat was one of those that I had my eye on for months. I really really wanted it but was having such a hard time justifying adding another puffer to my closet. I got this as a gift from Pierce’s parents for Christmas and it is one of my most worn coats of the season. I love the layered look of the zippers and hood and it is SO WARM. Probably my second warmest jacket I own right now. I also love the fleece lined pockets. I like having this and the Patagonia puffer because this one is great for dinner while the Patagonia is more casual.


I didn’t have any photos in this jacket because it is so functional but not the cutest coat in my closet and hasn’t made an appearance on my Instagram feed. 😉 I bought this jacket one morning on an absolute whim when I took Miller for a walk in early December and every dog mom had a long jacket and I was so frozen I had to make us turn around I was so cold. This jacket is the BEST for walking the dog. It keeps you so warm. It also has fleece lined pockets and is truly so functional. I wouldn’t wear this for any other occasion than city walking but if you live in a city you know how much of a must a good long walking coat is. p.s. Ignore my messy house haha we’re all friends here like I said earlier jackets thrown about my house. 


This is my newest jacket to my collection right now. My friends got this for me for my birthday and I’ve worn it back to back weekends since! It is the perfect day out jacket and I love how it looks with jeans and sneakers. It is super lightweight and the least warmest of the jackets in this post but it is so cute and stylish. I already want it another color!!


This is the coat I have worn the least this year but wore the most last year. I wore this jacket to work everyday in 2019 and absolutely loved how warm it is. Similar to my puffer dog walking coat, a long line coat is just an absolute must when living in a city. I worked in Downtown Dallas and had to walk a quarter mile from where I parked my car to the building I worked in and it made for some super chilly mornings. This coat was such a staple and I still love it! 


I have loved this jacket this year, I originally bought it last spring as a lightweight transitional jacket because that J.Crew City Coat is warmer and heavier. I wore this to work so much last year and this year have been loving styling it for more casual looks. I think a longline jacket is just so trendy right now and is cute while also functional. My only complaint about this jacket is that I wish it had pockets. I’m a HUGE pocket girl so I’m linking this coat and a similar one with pockets I wish I had grabbed instead. P.s. do yourself a favor and grab the other one it’s cuter and more functional 😉

I have SO many more jackets to review I could do a post on jean jackets alone haha. It is truly such an addiction. But the “Home Edit’ in me created a daily station in my closet that contains all the jackets in this post minus the J.Crew one since I haven’t had a need to wear it working from home. I have another section in my closet with all the other jackets and trust me it’s an overflowing section that’s a problem haha. 

What are some of your favorite seasonal pieces?! I am so curious what jackets you have tried from this post or own and love. We all know I always have my eye on adding to my collection.



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