Is Amazon Prime Day Worth the Hype?


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Amazon Prime Day is coming and here is everything you need to know and be aware of so that you are able to maximize your savings for the holidays this year. The holidays… like how are we already here thank you 2020 for flying by. I know this sale is super hyped about because everyone loves Amazon naturally. As always, don’t ever feel pressure to buy anything just because there is a sale. You don’t need the things it’s all just stuff! If you do find yourself shopping this year, I want to be a resource to you to help you maximize on your savings and make the most of a sale! 

Ok, so what’s the deal with Amazon Prime Day?

Basically Amazon Prime Day was created as a way for Amazon to try and compete with other big saving holidays (like Black Friday and Cyber Monday) at another time of the year. Amazon Prime Day was originally a 24 hour event that happened mid-Summer. In 2019, Amazon changed the sale from being 24 hours to 48 hours allowing Prime users to maximize savings. 

With COVID-19 this year, Amazon had to push back the sale date to October 13-14th. The sale is still 48 hours and is expected to have great deals that will compete with Black Friday. Other retailers are also expected to have sales during this two day period to try and compete with Amazon so be on the lookout for that! Best Buy and Target are two of the rumored sites anticipating sales on the 13th and 14th. 

Amazon Prime Day vs Black Friday? 

You might be wondering if the Amazon prime deals will compete with the Black Friday sales and if it is worth shopping now vs waiting for a better deal for Black Friday. There are a couple reasons I suggest you don’t wait. 

One, there is an actual laptop shortage in the country. With all the businesses who had to invest in laptops to move their companies to an at-home working system, laptops have basically become scarce. If you are wanting to stock up on a laptop deal or buy someone one for the holidays I would suggest you don’t wait just because the laptops will be some of the best deals and once they’re gone they might not be back in 2020. 

Two, there are several retailers who are trying to compete with Amazon Prime Day who are promising to match savings deals during Black Friday if the price of an item drops to a lower price later. Basically, if you shop Best Buy from the 13th-14th and secure the price of an item that lowers during Black Friday, Best Buy will match the lower price of the item ensuring you the best price. Although Amazon is not doing a price match deal there are still sure to be savings during the sale on Amazon. 

Three, Amazon Prime is working really hard this year to support small businesses during Amazon Prime Day. Amazon will offer Prime members a $10 credit when they buy $10 worth of items from small business vendors on Amazon. This offer is available through October 12th which will allow Prime users to use that $10 credit during Amazon Prime Day on October 13th-14th on any products including small businesses. This is a great way to get rewarded and support small businesses who need it! 

What Deals Are On Prime Day 

Amazon Prime Day features a lot of tech deals. You’ll find all of Amazon’s signature products on sale such as the Alexa and smart home items made by Amazon. This is also a great chance to stock up on TV’s, computers and other tech items! 

There will be sales throughout the entire site. It’s not a typical sale where everything is 40% off or what not, there will be select items marked down. I plan to keep adding to this post as well as post items onto my stories throughout the next few days. Keep this post book marked to reference back to as your guide to Amazon. 

Is it worth the hype?

I do think there are several things that are worth shopping through the Amazon Prime Day sale. Technology specifically is always amazing to get on sale and this is a big tech sale. As for other gifts, it is really hard to say right now because Amazon won’t release everything until late tonight. 

How to support my small business on Prime Day

Last thing, I get asked a lot how you can support me as a small business and it is so unbelievably sweet to me! I don’t ever expect anything from you when you come to this page, I want to be a resource! But if you are shopping this Amazon Prime Day, shopping through my Amazon page here helps me get commission on any of the items you purchase which in turn helps my small business! Doesn’t cost you anything just click on this link and shop and check out as normal. I so appreciate the support! 

Ok that’s all for now! Be sure to keep checking this page, my Amazon page, or stories for me referencing all the best deals. Thanks for being here! 



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