How to Wear Men’s Sweaters

For as long as I can remember, my mom has worn my dad’s sweaters. She would steal from his closet just as much as two college roommates do. My mom always found ways to style my dad’s cozy sweaters and even found herself buying him sweaters as gifts she couldn’t wait to wear herself. There is just something so soft about a guys sweater, they are oversized and warmer than the scratchy material found in women’s sweaters. When my sister and I were old enough to realize that mom may be onto something, we began to steal his sweaters as well and it was a continuing trade between who got to wear their favorite dad sweater. 


I have four men’s sweaters in my closet I like to wear throughout the winter and they are by far the ones I gravitate towards on really cold days. I’ve been styling men’s sweaters for years and every time I wear one I always hear how cozy it looks. 


It’s true that while stealing from your guys closet can be like wearing a sweatshirt to work, one could fear looking like you just rolled out of bed instead of the cozy-chic vibe you’re going for. The easiest way to dress up these sweaters is to pair with girly accessories, I always wear fun earrings and girly shoes when I want to still look put together and feminie. You can keep the ripped jeans to give yourself a little edgier look and pair with heels to keep it girly. This outfit is perfect for date nights! 


Try pairing an oversized sweater with black pants and animal print booties for a more casual everyday look. Or switch out the booties for tennis shoes and throw on a jean jacket for a more layered look. 


No matter how you choose to wear a guy’s sweater, you will be cozy and casual while looking ever so put together! This is the perfect time of year to start searching through your man’s closet because of the Spring transition months. Instead of spending money on new sweaters for yourself, repurpose your closet by adding men’s sweaters to it! 

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