How to Prepare Your Closet for Spring in Winter

Who else is ready for Spring?! Dallas was 73 degrees with like 100 percent humidity today and it was insane, did I tell you it snowed last Saturday? While Dallas can’t make up it’s mind on what temperature it wants to be, my style is already evolving towards Spring. I wanted to roundup all the ways you can gradually transition your closet to Spring while still remaining weatherly (is that a word? no, making it one) appropriate. 


That rule about wearing white pants after labor day is so outdated, but please don’t tell my mother she will have a field day. If you are feeling bold enough to break old fashion rules, break out those white pants. This is the easiest way to feel like you are ready for Spring because your outfit will instantly become lighter. Pair with some boots and you are still giving off a look that screams Winter while giving yourself a little taste of Spring. 


You can also begin to slowly add back in pops of color to your wardrobe. With Valentines this is the perfect opportunity to do so! You can easily begin to wear bright pinks and reds without feeling like you are too Summery. Try throwing on a bright pink sweater with black pants to make your outfit feel more bright without being too dressed for Spring! Linking one of my favorite pink sweaters here that is currently 40% off. Pair this sweater and pants with black booties! 


I came up with this idea the other day when I was craving the size of my favorite Summer bag. I decided to just pair it together with my current outfit and thought it made my outfit feel more Spring fresh. You can easily pair a fun summer bag with a winter outfit and give yourself a little taste of Spring. Linking my all time favorite summer bag here! I bought this then later realized this was a major dupe of a hot seller bag from last summer. I just love that it’s clear and the white part comes out if needed! Best part? This one is only $18! 


This is by far one of the easiest things you can do by just repurposing your own closet! Bring out your favorite booties and knee high boots and pair them with a long sleeve dress! You can even add a jacket if you think its too chilly! Bring out those summer dresses and pair with a jean jacket and booties and you have a warm-ish look that feels like Summer! 

That’s all for now friends! As always, thanks for being here seeing my blog readership grow is truly the best part of getting to do this! I am a huge sharer and this is all just so fun for me and I hope it helps you think differently about how you can repurpose your own wardrobe this Spring! 

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