How to Stay Warm on the Slopes

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I flew out to Salt Lake City, Utah on Wednesday night to meet my whole family to ski in Park City. If you did not catch my horrible travel mistake check out my last Instagram post. It’s the one of me in the red skirt. Not my finest moment!

But all is well, I have my bag and was able to make my flight. I was so excited to see my family.  I haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving which feels like years ago. It has been great to spend the week with them on the slopes and catching up.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions I have with my family is going skiing over Christmas every year. I’ve been skiing since I was only two years old, I feel like my parents were one of those families who as soon as I could walk threw me on skis and I’ve loved it ever since.

Skiing is so fun with all of them and I love that we are all now old enough and out of ski school and can ski together! We used to pick a new ski spot every year but the past three years we have settled down in Park City and rented a house in Deer Valley. I’ll do a travel post on where we stayed, what we skied etc once I get back next week and after the holiday.

Today I’m sharing the layers I wear while skiing. I absolutely hate being cold on the mountain so I’m sure to dress in layers to unzip throughout the day as I get warmer. My ski jacket is from North Face and is the 3-in-1 jacket, unfortunately this color is sold out but I’ve linked some of the ski jackets I’m loving here here and here. This 3-in-1 jacket is great because you get two jackets you can wear three ways. I wear mine all three ways, the outer shell is great as a rain jacket and the inside one can be worn as a light coat in the winter.

My snow pants are also North Face and you can find them here! They also come in black. I’ve gotten questions on my white ski pants in the past and if they get dirty and I’ve never really had an issue! Usually if and when I fall it’s usually just on clean snow not super muddy and I don’t ever have an issue cleaning them off. If you are using snow pants for sledding or other outdoor activities you may notice they get a little dirty but everything has always come out in the wash and don’t permanently stain.

My bottom base layer is always a thermal long sleeve tshirt. I’m wearing this one from Athleta and you can find it here! I wear this long sleeve off the slopes too. It’s perfect under an itchy sweater or as an extra layer on cooler days.

On top of that long sleeve, I wear this North Face quarter zip fleece and y’all I literally have this fleece in at least seven colors. I size up one size for a more loose fit to allow for layers underneath.

I then put on a puffer vest for a warmer layer. You want to avoid adding too many long sleeves to your layers or you’ll have trouble bending your arms. A warm vest is the perfect addition! This vest is a great addition to a fall or winter outfit and I wear it all the time.

Sometimes if it is really cold out and snowing  I’ll put on my patagonia jacket. This jacket I think everyone should own anywhere you live. It is perfect for winter and balls up into a bag that you can easily throw in a purse or backpack. It’s a little investment piece that you will find so much value in season to season. I haven’t needed this extra layer this trip, we have been blessed with perfect weather!

I always wear a helmet I think it is so important because skiing can be so dangerous and it is always best to dress on the side of precaution. This brand of gloves is the best and I swear by them. I do not do well with cold hands and these are great to stay warm!  

I finish out my layers with my ski jacket and snow pants and I’m ready to go! Hope y’all enjoyed my ski layers post! Do y’all ski/snowboard? If so where have you been or where are you headed this season?! Let me know in the comments.


JACKET  (This color is sold out but style of jacket here)  // PANTS // HELMET // GOOGLES 


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