How to Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe Mid-Summer

Texas experienced a “cold front” this week, which if you live anywhere in the North-east would be considered laughable with lows of 65 and highs of 80. Dare I say chilly? As all the stores begin to transition new arrivals into warm cardigans an over-the-knee boots, how is one supposed to shop for pieces you can still wear in the last few months of Summer? 

I know I have been so exhausted of my summer wardrobe recently and I call this closet fatigue. The hardest part about being halfway through a season is deciding on the worth of buying in-season clothes that you can actually wear now or stocking up on all the sweaters. Do I really need another bathing suit? Is it time to buy jackets yet? The weight of the changing seasons and the fatigue you’re experiencing in your closet lead to stress and can make you sick of wearing the same outfits over and over again. 

I’m a full believer that there are ways you can give your summer closet a quick refresh without spending a ton of money on a new wardrobe. 

My biggest piece of advice is identify a need. What is it exactly that you are getting tired of? Is it that you still haven’t found that one bathing suit that fits you just right? Or maybe you’re still carrying around that bag from last summer. Whatever it is, really think about the areas you are struggling with and start from there. 

Once you’ve identified this, start shopping the clearance and sale racks. The absolute best part about shopping in July is that it’s the retail slow season. People everywhere are experiencing the same problem in fatigue in their closets and you can take advantage of the stores beginning to sell fall clothes by stocking up on all the summer pieces that just went on sale. 

Try and find five items that are reusable enough for a refresh. A bright summery top might be enticing, but a pair of statement earrings or bright colorful shoes can be reworn with the pieces you already own. We are talking about a refresh here, not a full summer wardrobe so really be strategic in the pieces you are selecting. 

Maybe color is the cause of your closet fatigue. Do you find yourself wearing neutrals and jean shorts everyday? Brighten up your go-to uniform with a statement pair of sunglasses or switch out the shorts for a patterned midi skirt. 

The biggest problem with closet fatigue is not knowing where to start. Continue to wear the pieces you find yourself reaching for everyday, but identify ways you can incorporate fun new pieces into your outfit without breaking the bank. All the midsummer sales are the perfect way to accomplish this and are sure to help brighten up any closet.


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