How to Keep Up With Your Fitness Goals When You Don’t Have the Time

Hey sis! 

My life has been running a million miles an hour lately and when life gets like this, fitness can easily take a backseat. I’ve been really determined to stay on top of my fitness goals even when it feels like I don’t have the time! 

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Between getting engaged, traveling, weddings and events every weekend, Monday rolls around and I’m spinning to keep up with all my to do lists when every weekend is jammed packed. I feel like when I get busy like this, working out is always the first thing I loose on my to do lists. It’s just the easy thing to factor out and I’ll always make excuses. 

When I moved and life was busy, I really forced myself to make the time for me everyday because I find I am my best version of myself when I really take that time for me. There were a few things I did to help me stay on top of meeting my goals! 

Another thing that really helped me was committing to doing something for myself everyday. I always walk Miller every morning. Rain or shine freezing or blazing hot, we walk. It really gives me that mental clarity in the morning and sets my day off with consistency. When I first started this when she was a puppy, it was really hard to commit to everyday, now it’s like second nature and it happens so naturally. Consistency takes time but it’s always worth the burden of pushing through. 


I used to only be able to workout at night and was strictly a 5 pm, after work gal. When I got Miller, I switched my workouts to the morning and I found myself so much more efficient with my day. There was never an excuse to put it off after work which was so much easier to do with the anticipation of the workout building throughout the day and as energy dwindled. 

Now, it’s just habit for me to roll out of bed and put workout clothes on. It’s the first thing I do everyday and having that consistency in my routine makes getting up easier and makes me feel more awake by the time I sit down at my desk. 


Cycle on Tuesdays, arms on Thursdays, run on a Monday, whatever you love to do – plan your workouts a few days to a week in advance. I always set my schedule and to do lists for the week on Sunday/Monday morning and I started adding in what I plan to do each day as a workout. It kept me on track each day by never having to think about what I needed to do. I got to pick all my classes out which really eliminated a lot of the guesswork of scrolling through classes trying to find what I wanted to take before a workout! Creating those small efficiencies makes a huge difference in overall performance! 


There are days where I just really think I can’t fit it in. I’ve overslept, have an early meeting and 4 pm rolls around and I haven’t even taken the time to move my body. On days like this, I’ll use whatever time I can give to throw something in to just get my body moving. A ten minute yoga class, a Flash 15 minute workout on my Peloton app, a walk around the block with Miller, I find that anytime I just force myself to give 10 minutes, I’m happier and proud of myself for fitting it in! 


I preach this a lot because I really believe in it! If you are consistently making healthy choices in your life, you will find it easier to meet your fitness goals when it becomes part of your lifestyle. Don’t have time to workout? Park in the back of the parking lot when you run errands and get a few extra steps in each errand. Stand at your countertop or sit-to-stand desk for a few hours when working from home! It’s the little healthy lifestyle habits that make up for missing a workout when you don’t have the time to do a full workout. 


There will be days where you just can’t fit it in. Progress doesn’t happen overnight so don’t let yourself feel down when you miss one workout that won’t ruin everything you’ve built up. It’s taking those rest days and coming back stronger the next day that make true progress! Don’t be too hard on yourself! 



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