How to Fight Daylight Savings

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Hi friend! 

Daylight savings has me feeling like I’m losing track of time!

I always dread daylight savings in the fall because even though you get that one day where you have that full extra hour of sleep, you spend the rest of the week feeling so off schedule because it gets dark so early! 

I struggle with daylight savings every year and I’ve put together a few tips to help you stay on top of schedule and not get gloomy over the darker evenings. 


HA – ok Zoe, easier said than done. I know this is hard, I am SUCH a snoozer that waking up early is already challenging for me. But the biggest key to daylight savings is adjusting your schedule to really maximize the morning light. Start by picking one evening task you can wake up early and get done in the mornings. Maybe it’s working out, loading the dishwasher, taking the dog for a walk. Whatever it is, pick just one thing you can switch to your morning routine that way when it gets dark out, you aren’t left with a bunch of chores and tasks you don’t want to do in the dark. 


Yeah now I’m really trying to adjust your schedule haha. Instead of staying up late, force yourself to shut your mind off and try to go to sleep earlier for just one week. Doing this for one week will allow your body to adjust to waking up earlier and (maybe) make it easier for you if you are a hugeeee snoozer like me! My best tip for going to bed early is no lights so that means no bright lights or lights from electronics like phone or tv for 20 minutes before you want to sleep. I usually use this time to read or plan out my calendar for the following day. Not having any use of light makes me sleepy. Sometimes I’ll also call a friend and talk to them over the phone so I can start to wind down with the lights low! 


I have to sleep in the complete darkness! But the light always wakes me up so cracking your blinds to let the light in during the morning is another sure way your body will naturally wake up. I know it really gets me motivated especially during those first few days of daylight savings because you think it’s later than it actually is, almost like you’re running late! So take advantage of the morning light to help you maximize your mornings. 

It has taken me a long time to adjust to waking up early. Now, with Miller (my new puppy!) I am forced to wake up early and take care of her otherwise I can’t make time for everything I want to fit in a day! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve actually looked forward to daylight savings these past two weeks because I’ve had to push our morning walk back a bit until it’s light outside. So now I can really take advantage of my mornings and I am excited for that! Now only if it would also stay light out until 9 pm. Oh, summer, we miss you already!! 



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