How to Dress for Fall in 90 Degree Weather

Everyone might be rushing to buy sweaters while carrying their pumpkin spice latte, but if you live anywhere in the South, it feels like the weather didn’t quite get the memo that fall has officially started. 


I couldn’t be more excited for sweater weather and every morning check the weather to find high of 98 degrees on the forecast. I’m craving a warm sweater I know I will be sweating by the team I step outside. Even though my wardrobe is ready for fall, I can’t quite pull out all the warm sweaters quite yet. 


I know I have been struggling with transitioning the bright colors and summer whites out of my wardrobe and working in more fall favored pieces so I thought I would share with you a few ways that I have been able to dress like I’m ready for fall without sweating in the heat.

Roar with Leopard 

Adding leopard print to your wardrobe is a great fall staple. Leopard and cheetah are everywhere and instantly give off all the fall vibes. I love a good headband or leopard shoe and have been stocking up on all things animal print!


Fall in love with Fall colors 

The biggest thing I would start to implement are fall colors, rusty oranges, reds, browns and cream colored pieces will give off all the fall vibes. This is an easy way to start to transition your wardrobe because you need to really just change the colors you are currently wearing. Tuck away those florals and sundresses and favor something in a more fall color.


Keep it light with a Cardigan 

Light cardigans are also my new favorite fall transition piece. This is key because my office is always freezing but I have to walk a mile to my car so if I wear a sweater I’ll be in a pool of sweat. I found a few super lightweight cardigans that feel almost like a light long sleeve T-shirt so it still gives you breathability but makes it look like you are wearing a sweater.


Stay Cool with Off the Shoulder 

Off the shoulder sweaters are another great way to stay cool while dressing for fall. Especially some that are super lightweight. Keeping your neck and shoulders exposed allow you to feel not too overdressed while giving off the look of a sweater.

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