How to Build a Skincare Routine

The skincare industry is one of the biggest leading consumer markets with billions of dollars a year spent on skincare. There are thousands of products out there and it can easily be overwhelming to determine what you should be using and when you should start using it. 

When I was in college, I spent very little time trying to figure out what products worked well for my skin type and really made no effort to create a skin routine that worked for me. I’m not even entirely sure what changed and when I truly became passionate about skin care but it was almost overnight that I became obsessed with the way my skin looked once I had created a routine. 

Now that I am constantly testing and trying so many products because I have such an obsession for skin care, friends and followers alike will ask me “what products should I be using for my skin” or “can you just create a skincare routine for me?” Truth is every person’s skin type is going to respond differently to different products and that’s the beauty of the skin care industry is that there truly is something for everyone. It just might take some searching for it.

Do Your Research 

However, there is a way that you can develop a skincare routine from scratch if you currently don’t have one.  The biggest thing that I can’t recommend enough is sampling while you’re in this stage of trying to develop a skincare routine the best thing you can do is take recommendations and try as many things as possible. Easiest way to do this is to get samples from Sephora. Sephora has a great try before you buy program where you can walk into the store and talk to the associates about your skin and they can give you recommendations and samples of a product. If you’ve also seen tons of hype behind a product on social media, through word-of-mouth, your Instagram ads, whatever it is, if they sell it at Sephora you can try it in a little sample cup that you get to take home with you and it’s usually about two weeks worth supply if you use it sparingly. 

This has been the biggest game-changer for me and skincare. I’ll read up on a product that I think I’m going to like and I’ll go and try it in the store and take home a sample which allows me to try it on my own skin and see how my skin reacts to it. 

Pro Tip: search samples on Sephora’s website  or check out their beauty offers page (you’re welcome) 

Building Your Own Routine

Everyone’s skin is so different from texture to oil to dry whatever it is that you may be experiencing there are products out there that can help you fight these symptoms. In the same respect, I have a skincare routine for when my skin is normal, for when my skin is dry, when it’s oily  and even when it’s broken out. My routine changes when I look in the mirror at night and the difference is usually just adding or removing a product here and there.  

If you truly have no routine, the easiest thing you can do to start is find a really good face wash and a really good moisturizer that work for you. The biggest question I get asked is about affordability in skincare products, people want something a little above drugstore but not over $50. Tula is my favorite high-end skincare line that’s financially attainable. I get a lot of questions about Tula mainly because of their influencer marketing. People see it as over hyped. I am not currently working with Tula (maybe one day) and believe so strongly in their products. They are truly the best skincare you can find at a good price range. They have a starter kit you can purchase that has everything you need to help you build a skincare routine. 

Now, you have the moisturizer and the face wash down and you’re trying to decide what you need next. The first thing you should add is a serum. There are a million kinds of serums out there and I’m sure most of them are great. I’m going to talk about a few that I’ve tried and I’ve had great experiences with, but — do your research, sample and find what works for you. 

I cannot recommend the Drunk Elephant hydration serum enough! When my skin is normal to oily I use it as a moisturizer and when my skin is dry I use it before my moisturizer. You can also try adding a vitamin C serum into your routine. Vitamin C has many benefits to your skin the biggest being it can help repair damaged skin and help regenerate the skin faster. 

On the topic of serums, you can also add an oil to your face routine to help lock in moisture. I would not recommend an oil if your skin is oily but if you have dry skin this is a lifesaver. I love the Drunk Elephant oil and I use this at night after I put my moisturizer on. 

I would also highly recommend adding retinol to your daily routine. I have been using retinol for years because my mom is a huge believer in it. If you aren’t familiar with the benefits, retinol acts as an acne fighter and helps with collagen production and skin renewal. There are many proven benefits to retinol but be careful with it because it can be very harsh on your skin when you first add it to your routine. I would start in a small area and use once a week and start increasing your skin’s tolerance to it. 

If you have heard of Retin-A or tretinoin this is a prescription version of retinol and used primarily to fight acne. Retinol you can get at Sephora or Nordstrom and lots of brands make their own version. It is essentially the same thing as Retin-A or tretinoin just not as harsh which may be good to start with if you have never used it before!

I am sure a lot of you have many other skincare steps to your routine but I wanted to try to make this as simple and basic as possible for people who don’t have an extensive skincare routine and if you do, maybe you learned something! I always want to remind everyone that I am not a dermatologist and highly suggest if you are concerned with a specific issue you consult a professional! But I am always happy to suggest and recommend products I absolutely love! In that same respect, I wanted this blog post to focus more on the things you should be searching for to start your skincare routine, hope it helped! 

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