How My Home Decor Style Has Evolved & What My Vision is for My New Place

Hey girlfriend! 

If you missed it, I’m moving! Staying in Dallas just switching apartments. I go into detail about the why, what my must have’s were for my new place and how I went about apartment hunting in Dallas in this YouTube video here

I thought it would be fun to also open about my decor style and how it has evolved and changed over the years. I am very slowly starting to move towards a different decor style. While I would love to toss most things and just start over, from a functionality and duh, financial perspective that just doesn’t really make sense! So I’m going to talk about where my decor style is going as well as share photos of how I’ve combined the two in the interim change period. 

Where My Style is Going 


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I never like nailing down my decor style to just one type of design. I love taking pieces from a variety of styles and combining them so they all flow and work together but so that nothing is purely one style if that makes sense. I really love traditional style with a touch of modern rustic. I love playing with bold tones and textiles. 

For example, this entryway table I put together recently. It combines a variety of styles with the layering, basket texture and the bold color of the piece itself. 

I don’t think I’ll ever truly have one style of design. I also think that in doing that you are setting yourself up to “date” your room by fixing it to a certain era or style. 

For my new place I am really excited to start playing with rustic tones such as wood, basket textiles and natural raw finishes. I also love the more traditional pieces such contemporary lighting and Persian rugs I’m excited to play around with as well. 

Here a few inspo photos I’ve been pinning lately! 

*Photos are not my own, credit linked! 

Where My Style Has Evolved From 


A lot of the pieces above I’ve had for years all through college! My bedroom specifically is from my junior year of college. This is actually my bedroom at my old apartment so it has even evolved a bit since then! I loved, LOVED the girly gold and glam decor. I still do love pieces of it but everything above is pretty much what I’m getting rid of in my new place. There are still a few gold pieces I am keeping! 

The cow painting we got for our first apartment in college and we LOVED it. Everyone still comments on it. It is on this huge wall I’m not sure what else we would have put here. I love how it makes this space vibrant but it won’t be making the trip with me to my new place. 

There are a few more gold girly accessories I’m not taking with me either. A lot of this gold decor is in my room and will eventually be switched out but I’m not sure when that will happen. For now I am enjoying my simplistic bare walls haha. 

In addition to the gold, you’ll notice the couches and bar stools in that one photo (peep baby Miller!!!) I am really looking to eventually replace the barstools and couches but obviously that isn’t as big of a rush. Especially because they can still be made functional and financially it doesn’t make sense. The bar stools are in really bad shape they are falling apart but they were super cheap to begin with so we have gotten our wear out of them! 

How I’m Transitioning 


I think it is really important to remember that transitioning your home decor style doesn’t happen overnight! It is going to take time to really begin to gather the pieces you want to change out and also invest in. I’ve been slowly selling things on Facebook Marketplace and also purchasing things second hand and watching for sales.

For me, it really helps to slowly add pieces that meet your new vibe while also incorporating your old style with pieces you still love. For example, above we still have our gold girly bar cart in our living room but we’ve since incorporated this basket from Serena and Lily  giving the glam some texture. The black modern frames give the gold some contrast and completes the space nicely. 


Patience — Remember that your new home you are pinning on Pinterest isn’t going to happen overnight! Changing out your style and adding to your home takes time.

Variety is key! Adding slowly allows you to gather pieces from a variety of places. No one likes a home directly out of this month’s Pottery Barn catalogue anyway. You don’t want the same home as everyone else so by slowly gathering your pieces you’re developing your own style and curating your home with different pieces from different seasons. 

Sell & Buy Used  By selling your old stuff you’ll hopefully have some money to put toward some new stuff! Don’t be like me though and not have a plan for if your coffee table sells overnight haha. I am a big fan of using Facebook Marketplace to find gently used decor at half the cost. Don’t be afraid to challenge the price on things too! 

I wanted to end with one final note. There is no “right” or “wrong” style of home decor. If your style is very much what I am moving away from that does not mean that your home is not in style. The best thing about home decor is that everyone’s is going to be different and unique. Don’t ever let someone make you feel bad about your space. What is important is that YOU love it and feel at home. There is no right or wrong way to decorate. You do you sis! 

I hope you enjoyed this post. It was fun to find photos of my old space and watch how it has evolved. I’ve already ordered a TON of new stuff for my new space. I’ve been saving for months to be able to have some money to put towards this new apartment and have really been waiting until I move to get pieces for it so there are a lot more home decor posts in the future! 



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