Holiday Gift Guide: For the Coffee Date Friend

Hey sis! 

My Top Picks 

My Tips for Shopping for the Coffee Date Friend 

1. Buy Something That Relates to Your Friendship: Is this a friend you always go on walks with? Buy them that Lululemon Belt Bag or a case for their AirPods. Is this the friend always hosting wine night? Buy them a set of fun girly wine glasses or cheese knives. 

2. Think Simple: Think Sincere You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make an impact. A room spay would be perfect with a bottle of wine for the new homeowner. Sephora has all their mini gift sets out right now and a lip gloss combo would be a perfect gift that says “I’m thinking of you.” 

3. Coffee Table Books Make It Personal: For a long time now coffee table books have been one of my favorite gifts! Buy a book based on a hobby of theirs like their love for Italy or photography. I always love to personalize it by also making it a card by writing on the back cover of the book. Now you’ve gotten them something special for their home that is a unique conversation piece for their guests and they’ll always have a special note inside from you! 

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