Gifts for the Kid at Heart

I feel like I need to preface this whole gift guide with a story haha. My dad is the biggest kid at heart. He is literally the energizer bunny and his most used phrase is “what’s our next activity?” For years my mom and siblings have always gotten my dad a “toy” of sorts that he can play with on Christmas day and use throughout the year. 

There are two of these above that are his absolute favorites. The Hobie Stepper is a huge hit. It is basically a paddleboard but with an elliptical or stair stepper on top. What is really cool about this is with a little balance you’ll never get wet. You can find my day stepping at our lake house with a hat and gloves on in the middle of December (I told you he was crazy). 

The second gift we got him last year that was a huge success was the electric scooter. These are similar to those Bird scooters you see around in different cities. My dad every time he traveled refused to take an Uber and would always scooter to his meetings. We naturally had to get him his own and you’ll frequently find him ridding on his scooter around the neighborhood.  

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