Gift Guide for the Parents & In-Laws

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How to Shop for Parents & In-Laws

There are a lot of things I look for when shopping for the parents and in-laws. I like to try and find useful things they might not know exist or would never buy themselves that would ultimately make their lives easier. Maybe it’s as simple as upgrading one of the knives in their kitchen with this Global Knife. I have one of these knives, my mom is the one that got me hooked on them and the quality is amazing. They are sold separately so instead of buying a big knife set you can buy just one knife. 

Maybe they have never heard of a massage gun and would love to own one once they knew what it was. We found out the other day that Pierce’s dad had never seen a massage gun and when we showed it to him and he was unconvinced he needed one. But then he tried it and was hooked. I always like to introduce tech products to parents because it’s likely just not on their radar. Maybe they really don’t have a Nest Thermostat. You could upgrade their Google Home Mini to the Google Home Max with the screen. 

I always like to look at the personalities of the person I’m shopping for when it comes to the parents and in-laws. Are they always hosting the grandkids and holidays at their house? Get them hostess gifts for entertaining such as this outdoor cooler or this large coffee table candle. 

Maybe they are super athletic and have been loving to play pickleball with their friends, get them their own pickleball net and set! Or just get them their own paddle. I always try and find things that they love to do and add onto that hobby. Upgrade their sneakers to the new On Cloud Shoes.

For the jet setter empty nesters (my parents currently) get them a new carry on travel backpack or a waterproof lightweight travel jacket

I always think experiences are the best thing to give parents and in-laws too! Get them a mini staycation at a local hotel and a gift card for dinner. Buy a cooking class for you all to do together! Plan a trip to a local museum or buy them a couples massage. You can read a complete list of experiences to gift on my experiences gift guide here

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